The Symmetry Razor Straight Bar

$29.95 USD

Symmetry: nounbalanced proportions, also : beauty of form arising from balanced proportions

The Symmetry is a Phoenix Shaving classic piece of shave tech, tried and true for the last 6 years!

A perfectly balanced, hefty, time honored, double edge safety razor; beautifully chrome plated and engraved with a rather majestic Phoenix emblem. An exercise in both form and function.

The handle is knurled to my specs, a standard that may be slightly higher than most due to the fact that I am a shower shaver where slippery is not your friend! The Symmetry is a solid performer and appreciated by both the newbie and the more experienced shaver. I can't recommend this piece enough to anyone looking for great weight and exceptional balance.

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Solid Brass Handle & Chrome Plated - Medium/Aggressive 

88 Grams 

3.75" L Complete

Handle - 3.5"