PAA Potassium Alum Block 97 Grams (W/ Rubber Grip Band & Recyclable Plastic Travel Case!)

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

$4.50 USD 


Nothing is quite as classic as hitting your face post shave with a barber's classic Potassium Alum Block!

Ever drop an alum block? The stuff can get a tad slippery...those days are over! Aside from including a handy little travel case our PAA Alum also comes with a Rubber Grip Band. Simply slide the band around the long or short way of the alum and lessen your butter fingers the chance of dropping it ever again! (see photos)

Potassium Alum is used as a post shave antiseptic, toner and all around magic healing block. Calm your skin down with this block of naturally occurring potassium alum mineral crystals and never look back! Alum is also a great tool when just beginning to wet shave, aiding you with tingly feedback indicating how your technique is coming along!

Also works wonders on acne prone skin!

Size: 97g 

Rubber Grip Band & Plastic Travel Container Included

ingredients: potassium alum, purified water

5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Christopher from HotvSprings, AR on Apr 21, 2016
Bought this on a whim and absolutely adore it! Makes my face so so happy post shave and it's a fantastic litmus test for shaving technique. The rubber band is a cool idea that gives you a solid grip and will keep you from slinging the block across the bathroom (As me how I know...) All in all, a wonderful product but make sure you get two. One for your face and one for an amazing deodorant that won't compete, scent wise, with what ever amazing PAA aftershave you are wearing.
Jeff from Rose City on Jun 07, 2015
Best alum I've tried. This product is now apart of my daily shave regiment. Good for acne as well. The rubberband is cool too.
ReidyBo from Texas on Apr 06, 2015
Great value alum block that has already helped my acne and continues to soothe and protect my skin, not to mention let me know where I need to ease up on the razor. And the rubberband, although something I could do at home, is just so awesome to already have on the block, never to worry about dropping and breaking, crying and moaning. Truly a testiment to the greatness of PAA!