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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Alum Block Dry Dock System | With (or without) Our New SOLID BLOCK Alum! | Nature's Ancient Aftershave! | 3.17 oz [90 g]

$14.95 USD

Meet The Alum Block Dry Dock 

NOW with our new SOLID BLOCK Alum!

By allowing for proper drainage and air circulation around the product, this space age sponge will greatly extend the life of your alum block! 

This my friends has been a pet project of mine since I made my first video on this very concept way back in 2014! In the aforementioned video I explored the best way to store your Alum in between uses. [Be sure to subscribe to my channel for all sorts of tips & hacks!]

Now offered with our new Solid Block Alum!  No more crumbly alum blocks!  Our Solid Blocks are cut from all natural potassium alum, no compressed powder!!!

Benefits of The Alum Block Dry Dock
  • Dramatically Extends The Life Of Alum Block
  • Unique Design Allows for Maximum Air Circulation
  • Keeps Block Where Needed; Within Reach
  • A Convenient Alum Block Storage Solution
  • Includes No Slip Grip Band - Salt, Water & UV Resistant
  • Washable & Built To Last!
For years I had been watching gents use then return their alum back to the included, alum travel case. I myself had been doing the same thing and I didn't think much of it until I realized I was having to replace my alum every few months! Often cracks would form or it would just noticeably start to dissolve. Recognizing the case could be the problem, I originally drilled some air holes holes in it (and still do) but the only benefit for this was for travel I observed.

That's when I started thinking about the problem more and the energetics we were working against. Salt really it does, sucks up any and all moisture if left to its own devices. Therefore, we needed something equally "sucky", preferably more so to combat this. Enter the sponge. 

So with the suck theory (working title) in mind, I experimented with many a sponge; natural, synthetic, varying aperture, width, weight, etc. I will say it worked but almost too well. Depending on the material the sponge was made of, it was more often than not also retaining moisture. However, it was slowing down the rate of waste away. So I was on the right path.

What I really needed was a "nest", not necessarily a sponge in the traditional sense. Something that would gently suspend the crystal while still allowing for proper air flow and air circulation. This so that the block would dry completely, unforced, though slight, by the opposing, um...well "suck". With these insights over the years The Alum Block Dry Dock slowly and thoughtfully was born! [minus the suck.]

Butterfingers? or Do It For The Gripper!

I also found that if my alum block didn't slush up into nothing it would eventually jump out of my hands and find its end shattered in the sink or exploding on cold bathroom tile. Yes indeed, these tiny blocks of alum can be really slippery to work with! Ironically enough, one of the many uses of alum is for razor grip! Now it would seem I would need to find something to provide grip for gripper. It's a mad, mad world people. 

In that very same video I introduced the idea of using a rubber band to combat against this issue too and it did! This was a real game changer for alum, so much so, I started including a rubber band with each of our alum blocks free of charge. This act alone, I am told, saved many lives, er, I mean alum blocks. Kidding aside, it really did work well, REALLY well and I can't stress that enough. The only drawback was the rubber. As most of us know, salt likes to break down rubber, so eventually the bands deteriorated. Not a huge deal and it would take time but I knew we could do better! That's when I decided to upgrade to silicone.

The New No Slip Grip Band fits our alum blocks perfectly snug and actually provides an even better grip than before. Also, unlike rubber, the silicone we chose is medical grade and nonporous which aids, with use, in creating ridges in the side of the block adding to the "grippiness". Just another measure taken to aid in greatly lengthening the life span of your alum block.

Just A Better Storage Solution

Again, not to knock the classic "included travel cases", heck we sell them too, but for a home-use product it's kinda confusing I admit. Kind of like living out of a suitcase in your own house, no? It also sets up the shaver for failure.

Often alum is put away and forgotten about after one use or even worse, put away still wet! Those of us that do consciously use alum daily will also store it away in the case after use and unless you dry it REALLY well, even then putting it back in a sealed case is just a bad idea.

As I mentioned above, being a salt, alum absorbs water. After use the alum block needs to air-out otherwise contained moisture begins to go to work. It's true, even the smallest amount of moisture and it will begin to deliquesce. Meaning, your alum block, buddy, friend, pal, is on a fast track to dissolve and breakdown. He never had a chance...until now! ;)

If you can't tell, I am super excited about the Dry Dock too! Finally, the right tool for the job and now I just  save my travel case for the dopp kit & travel! There is nothing more satisfying than watching your alum block live to a ripe old age. Try something different & grab one of our Original Alum Block Dry Docks today!

Instructions: Amazing and easy to use, wet and rub all over the area just shaved, simple as that. You can choose to rinse it off after a couple minutes or leave it on. This really depends on your skin type and preference. Alum is also great for blemishes....sigh, I wish I knew of this stuff when I was in high school! Shake off excess water &  pat dry with a towel before placing in Dry Dock™.

Well That's All Great & Good But What The Heck IS Alum?
Nothing is quite as epic as hitting your face, post shave, with a barber's classic Alum Block! Even more interesting however, Alum is like the Swiss Army Knife of must have shave kit usefulness!

Just a few of Alums MANY USES:

  • Natures Aftershave
  • Tones and tightens skin's appearance
  • Great Learning Tool
  • Famous For Grip
  • Works as light hold on stache or hair
  • An Effective Natural Deodorant

Potassium Alum is used as a post shave toner and all around magic skin block. Cool & Calm your skin down with this block of naturally occurring potassium alum mineral crystals and never look back!

Fun FactIn the 1460s the pope had a monopoly on alum in Europe! Turns out it provided a large revenue stream to Rome.

Learning Tool? or Feedback is King!

Alum is also a great tool when just beginning to wet shave or trying a new razor, aiding you with tingly feedback indicating how your technique is coming along! Too much tingle means you had a rough shave and still need to focus on your angle or pressure...or both!

Get A Grip

Lets face it, shaving can get slippery, especially when you are using a razor with lousy or no knurling (grip)...enter Alum! Wet the block and rub it on your hands, BOOM Super Grip!

Deodorant Too?

That's right folks, in a pinch or as your daily driver, Alum is the bomb when used as a deodorant. Great on workout days, hit the pits with alum first then apply your regular deo on top...SAFE!

Alum Instructions: Alum is amazing, simply wet it and rub all over the area just shaved, simple as that. You can choose to rinse it off after a couple minutes or leave it on. This really depends on your skin type and preference. Alum is also great for blemishes....sigh, wish I new of this stuff when I was in high school! Shake or pat dry with a towel and place in Dry Dock.

3.17 oz [90 g]

Ingredient: Potassium Alum