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  • The Symmetry Open Comb Safety Razor - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - 1
  • The Symmetry Open Comb Safety Razor - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - 2
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The Symmetry Open Comb Safety Razor

$29.95 USD

The Symmetry is a perfectly balanced, hefty, classic, open comb razor; beautifully chromed, engraved and laser etched!

The handle is knurled to my specs, a standard that may be slightly higher than most due to the fact that I am a shower shaver! You will enjoy The Symmetry for many years to come.

Solid Brass Handle, Chrome Plated - Medium/Aggressive Classic Open Comb Design

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84 Grams 

3.75" L complete

handle: 3.5"

Review by Jason Young

The Symmetry open comb razor:

First off, let's talk about looks, this thing is beautifully chromed, and the logo is awesome. The knurling on this thing is great, right up there with the ikon bulldog. I love it, and it stands out among all my other razors.

Blade loading was a breeze with no issues. It seated right where it is meant to, and took no adjusting to ensure equal exposure on both sides.

This razor is very efficient without being overly aggressive. It is no problem to find the proper angle and feels great on the face. The only other open comb I have to compare it to is the 2013 R41, it is less aggressive than the R41, but in a great way. This seems like a razor you could use everyday without worrying about irritating your skin. 

This razor is nice and hefty, and has great balance. It makes keeping the correct pressure almost effortless. I didn't weigh it, but it is almost identical to a DE89 on a bulldog handle.

And finally, cost:
At $29.99, this thing is a steal. It looks just as good, if not better than some of my more expensive razors. Douglas Smythe has knocked it out the park! If you want a razor that stands apart from all the others in your collection, you should pick this one up. It looks great and shaves even better.

4.9 out of 5, based on 14 reviews
Chris R. from NH on Mar 20, 2016
I recently bought the Symmetry. I also shave with the Merkur 34c, Merkur 39c slant, and Merkur Progress (adjustable). I would say that this razor gives me the closest shave with the least passes out of all razors unless I put the Progress on the highest setting, which would irritate my skin. The Symmetry feel aggressive but if shaved with little to no pressure it only gave me mild irritation. For the price, this is a great open comb. Also, PAA is a great company with great customer service. I have ordered some of their soaps and after shave but this is my first razor from them. If you are looking for a slant and can handle a little aggression this is a great razor!
Kevin from Connecticut on Jan 29, 2016
This is a fantastic razor. I was looking for something more aggressive than my R89, but that wouldn't create as much irritation as my R41. This fit the bill perfectly. Despite my ridiculously coarse hair and overly sensitive skin this razor regularly provides a BBS shave with no irritation or weepers. The handle is a bit rougher/more rugged than some of the other razors I have, but it provides a great grip and is weighted wonderfully. As a side note, the customer service can not be beat. I had a manufacturing issue with my razor and customer service quickly and happily fixed the problem. The combination of a great razor and superb customer service made this entire experience enjoyable. I would and will happily continue giving them my business.
Zac from PA on Jan 15, 2016
Have been shaving with the razor for about a week and really enjoy it. Shaves much closer than the Merkur 34c that's been my daily driver with fewer passes/clean-up. Only drawback is that the the blade (I only ever use MedPreps) takes a little extra care to line-up perfectly when loading, though I'm sure that varies from blade to blade.

All in all a great product, especially for the price.
Big Johnson from Texas on May 11, 2015
Great razor, gives a BBS with very little effort! Great quality and weighted razor. I have huge hands and the small handle is very manageable with the excellent knurling and weight. I can't say enough about this razor it looks like a $100.00 razor. I will have this razor for years to come very high quality. Keep up the great work! Don't think about it anymore just buy it!
SB from michigan on Oct 16, 2014
This is more of a customer service review than a razor review. I'll preface by saying I don't typically like to order things online. Having my credit card charged with out having the product in hand turns me off to the idea. But when it comes to ordering cool products like HTGAM's safety razors, I bite the bullet and do it anyway.
I own both the symmetry open comb and the pollywog flat bar. Love them both equally. Use them both equally. I love the quirky mustache and HTGAM logo engravings. The quality you get at the price is also a steal.
I had an issue after ordering my pollywog. I thought to myself "oh great now comes the burden of trying to get this corrected". I emailed HTGAM about it and explained the issue. Much to my surprise I had the fastest reply I could have ever hoped for. Customer service immediately corrected the issue and had a new razor in the mail that same day. They also kept in contact to ensure I received the new product and was satisfied.
I felt compelled to write a review. I have never in my life been that please with a company's customer service, online or in person.

PS-Hope HTGAM comes out with a nice beefy slant razor soon, I'd love to add that to my collection.
Fred from Littleton, NH on Oct 02, 2014
I have used the Symmetry Open Comb razor a few times now, and it is becoming my favorite razor. I use it with Personna Blue blades, and Synergy Shaving Soap. It is efficient, moderately aggressive. But with a light touch, I get no irritation and no cuts. But I do get a BBS shave with one fewer pass than I usually make. I make three and a half, the half is to clean up my chin and under my jaw. These places seem to take the most effort for a really smooth shave. But I don't need the clean up with this Razor.

I have six razors. Along with the Merkur Progress, the Symmetry gives me the closest shaves. Along with my Parker 26c (open comb) and 92R Heavyweight, the grip on the Symmetry feels really secure. In fact, the Symmetry is the best in this regard. I don't feel like I have to dry my hand before gripping the Symmetry (or the Parkers with their black rubber-like handle finish). By comparison, my Edwin Jagger 89lbl feels slippery, though in truth, I have never dropped it. My 6th razor is the Merkur 34c, a really good razor also.

But the Symmetry is my favorite and gives me the most pleasure in shaving. I still like to rotate though, trying different blades with different razors. I've only been shaving with a DE for a few months, so I like to experiment a bit with both razors and blades. So far, my favorite blades are Persona Blue, Astra, and Feather.

Finally, I use Nivea post shave balm for sensitive skin, and like it. No alcohol in it to sting. And a very little dab goes a long way. My dermatologist suggested CeraVe moisturizing cream. I like to put it on my face about an hour after shaving and again at night. Absorbs extremely quickly, and it is very healing.

Bill A. from California on Sep 23, 2014
Nice razor, a little more aggressive than I usually like. It's really just going to make my rotation when I have not shaved in a couple of days, or want a really smooth shave, but for a $30 razor to make my rotation at all is impressive. The competition is steep in my den, as I have a few razors costing over four times what this razor cost. Just shaved with it this morning and went from three days growth to BBS in three passes with only a little irritation, no mean feat with my beard and skin. I would also like to mention the grip because the knurling is great, only my Weber a $70 razor is as easy to grip as my Synergy!
Toddster64 from California on Aug 27, 2014
Wow, wow, wow...first shave with the Symmetry and I concur with at least one user that it profiles in a similar manner to the Muhle R41 (2013 version) in terms of cutting action. It doesn't feel as dicey as the R41 can be, and the extra level of forgiveness positions this for beginners and experts alike, but folks looking for a very efficient shave will really appreciate this - particularly for the price. It's everything an open comb should be.
Brian from Pekin, Illinois on Aug 16, 2014
Love Love Love this razor. Just the right weight, grip like you would not believe and everything fits nice and tight. Blade fits perfect and seats evenly. This razor was my very first purchase from HTGAM. I cannot wait to try some of their other products.
Nick from Vancouver, WA on Aug 14, 2014
So I just got the razor today along with my HTGAM Symmetry Shave Soap (Lavendar Cedar Scent) and I am more than pleased. It is the perfect aggressiveness I was looking for. I use the feather blades. I have a rather coarse beard and my beard was no match for this razor. Smoothest shave ever. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of review on this item and hands down the best razor I've purchased. Do not think the price means cheap; quite the opposite actually. I have a very expensive safety razor from the Art of Shaving and this razor blows it out of the water. If you are at all thinking about this razor BUY IT!! If you do not like it you are not out thay much money and trust me, someone will buy that from you! I really don't think you will dislike this razor. Oh and I had zero cuts which surprised me. Please do yourself a favor and get this. Enough said!!
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