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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Symmetry Open Comb Safety Razor

$29.95 USD

Symmetrynoun - balanced proportions, also : beauty of form arising from balanced proportions

The Symmetry is a Phoenix Shaving classic piece of shave tech, tried and true for the last 6 years!

A perfectly balanced, hefty, time honored, double edge safety razor; beautifully chrome plated and engraved with a rather majestic Phoenix emblem. An exercise in both form and function.

The open comb design allows for more water and lather to pass through the safety bar. The action is perfect for folks who skip a day or 2 shaving but can still easily be used as a daily driver. 

The handle is knurled to my specs, a standard that may be slightly higher than most due to the fact that I am a shower shaver where slippery is not your friend! The Symmetry is a solid performer and appreciated by both the newbie and the more experienced shaver. I can't recommend this piece enough to anyone looking for great weight and exceptional balance.

Solid Brass Handle, Chrome Plated - Medium/Aggressive Classic Open Comb Design

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Approx. Specs:

84 Grams  (2.97 Oz)

3.75" L complete

handle: 3.5"

Review by Jason Young

The Symmetry open comb razor:

First off, let's talk about looks, this thing is beautifully chromed, and the logo is awesome. The knurling on this thing is great, right up there with the ikon bulldog. I love it, and it stands out among all my other razors.

Blade loading was a breeze with no issues. It seated right where it is meant to, and took no adjusting to ensure equal exposure on both sides.

This razor is very efficient without being overly aggressive. It is no problem to find the proper angle and feels great on the face. The only other open comb I have to compare it to is the 2013 R41, it is less aggressive than the R41, but in a great way. This seems like a razor you could use everyday without worrying about irritating your skin. 

This razor is nice and hefty, and has great balance. It makes keeping the correct pressure almost effortless. I didn't weigh it, but it is almost identical to a DE89 on a bulldog handle.

And finally, cost:
At $29.99, this thing is a steal. It looks just as good, if not better than some of my more expensive razors. Douglas Smythe has knocked it out the park! If you want a razor that stands apart from all the others in your collection, you should pick this one up. It looks great and shaves even better.