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The Name Taker Safety Razor (Choose Open Comb or Straight Bar)

$29.95 USD

Everyone needs at least one beefy little, takes no prisoners, hefty handled safety razor!

Enter the Name Taker!

For those of you familiar with our Pollywog and Symmetry razor, this is their love child. We have taken the best of each razor and blended them together! The Name Taker feels great in the hand, well balanced with deep, detailed knurling on the handle (classic barber pole design). Weighing in at 92 grams and featuring a solid brass, beautifully chrome plated handle with a girth of 16mm...you are sure to get a lot of years out of this 3 piece, new breed razor.

CHOOSE Open Comb or Straight Bar Design From Drop Down.

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Length: 3.25"

Weight: 92 grams

Handle Girth: 16mm

4.8 out of 5, based on 13 reviews
Barry from Maui HI on Jun 29, 2016
I bought the straight bar version. Great razor. This really gives me a close shave. My beard requires a more aggressive razor than the DOC which is what I bought first. while it was a quality razor it was too mild for my beard. I get way less irritation using the name taker, cause I only need lite pressure and this bad boy cuts thru my beard with ease. Even though it is aggressive going x grain or against grain is no problem as finding the angle is no problem. I like the beefy feel with the heavier weight. Easy to move the razor around my mug. I also own an old school gem jr se razor. I find the name taker to be more aggressive of the two with the gem jr. smoother. However that is just for comparision sake. The name taker straight bar is still a comfortable razor and I highly recommend it. It has become by daily driver.
Todd from San Rafael, CA on Jul 29, 2015
I have the open comb version of this razor, which (IMO) is the most aggressive in Doug's stable of razors. But don't let this scare you - it is also extremely comfortable, with the heavy handle and terrific balance helping do all the work. A super light touch is key. In terms of hyper-aggressive razors in the market, this feels the easiest to shave with, and is highly recommended.

For a special treat, pop in a Feather and watch the whiskers run for cover!
Joseph from North Carolina on Jul 02, 2015
This is a nice razor. The weight, finish, and the grip is amazing. However, I find it to be too aggressive (I got the Open Comb). It's my first OC so maybe I just need to get used to it and find a different blade. So far, I've used Shark Chrome and Voskhod and it cut up my face and gave me major skin irritation. I'm hoping a Derby blade will do better.
slantman from Florida on Jun 01, 2015
What a great shaving razor this is. I ordered the open comb and have not been disappointed. I have been using a Gillette Silver Blue and each shave as been smooth as silk, close and very comfortable. The blade needed some minor adjustment to go in evenly but this was not an issue. Beautiful finish. Highly recommend buying this razor.
Danny B from New Orleans on Apr 18, 2015
Great Razor. If you decide on the open comb as I did, you may want to pair it with a smoother blade at first. Got a nice little nick under my chin the first go around with a Lord Platinum. The handle and head fits all of my 3 piece razors (Gillette Tech, Merkur 180, EJ89, and PAA DOC and Agent travel), so I can experiment with Frankenrazors as I go.
Chris from Canada on Mar 14, 2015
This razor has become my #1 razor. Its a nice smooth razor and paired with a Voshkod blade it truly is a heavenly BBS making machine!! Highly recommended!
Jonathon S Jones from United States on Feb 03, 2015
I received The Name Taker in the mail today and just now used it. Yes, the shave was so good I am writing this review five minutes after using it. I am now a new fan of the open comb. I thought the shaves were close with the straight bar but wow, between the open comb and the hefty weight of the razor it damn near shaved itself. Long story short, this is without a doubt the best shave I have ever had. Thank you for the quality product.
Taylor from DC on Oct 10, 2014
Used it with an Astra SP, my favorite blades and it easily handled my 3 days worth of growth. This is an "aggressive razor" (I have the open comb) but resulted in a perfect shave. If you have a thick beard, this is the razor for you.
Eric from Wheaton, IL on Sep 27, 2014
I love this razor. It's my first open comb razor. It's a little aggressive for me but I'm able to manage a great shave.
RPB from UK on Sep 14, 2014
This is my first OC razor and it really is a good one! Having gone via my Merkur 38C, 39C slant then onto this, it really is superb. I found it more aggressive than my slant yet easy to handle and its also my first 'short' handled razor. I am going to be using this all the time. Without doubt one of, if not, the best shave I have done myself since I started DE shaving. Incredibly well built, well designed, great price!
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