The Name Taker Safety Razor (Choose Open Comb or Straight Bar)

$29.95 USD

Everyone needs at least one beefy little, takes no prisoners, hefty handled safety razor!

Enter the Name Taker!

For those of you familiar with our Pollywog and Symmetry razor, this is their love child. We have taken the best of each razor and blended them together! The Name Taker feels great in the hand, well balanced with deep, detailed knurling on the handle (classic barber pole design). Weighing in at 92 grams and featuring a solid brass, beautifully chrome plated handle with a girth of are sure to get a lot of years out of this 3 piece, new breed razor.

CHOOSE Open Comb or Straight Bar Design From Drop Down.

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Length: 3.25"

Weight: 92 grams

Handle Girth: 16mm