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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Everlasting Solid Block Alum-Bot! | Nature's Ancient Aftershave! | 4.2 oz [120 g]

$9.95 USD

NEW, All Natural Everlasting Solid Block Alum-Bot!

Here is a Hefty, 4.2 oz [120 g] Alum-Bot! 

This stick is cut from a solid block of natural potassium alum and shaped with rounded edges, no compressed powders here!  This bad boy will last for a VERY long time & comes in a case perfect for storage and travel!

The Alum-Bot can also double as an effective deodorant!

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Nothing is quite as epic as hitting your face, post shave, with a barber's classic Alum Block! Even more interesting however, Alum is like the Swiss Army Knife of must have shave kit usefulness!

Just a few of Alums MANY USES:

  • Natures Aftershave
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Great Learning Tool
  • Famous For Grip
  • Works as light hold on stache' or hair
  • An Effective Natural Deodorant

Potassium Alum is used as a post shave toner and all around magic skin block. Cool & Calm your skin down with this block of naturally occurring potassium alum mineral crystals and never look back!

Fun FactIn the 1460s the pope had a monopoly on alum in Europe! Turns out it provided a large revenue stream to Rome. 

Learning Tool? or Feedback is King!

Alum is also a great tool when just beginning to wet shave or trying a new razor, aiding you with tingly feedback indicating how your technique is coming along! Too much tingle means you had a rough shave and still need to focus on your angle or pressure...or both!

Get A Grip

Lets face it, shaving can get slippery, especially when you are using a razor with lousy or no knurling (grip)...enter Alum! Wet the block and rub it on your hands, BOOM Super Grip!

Deodorant Too?

That's right folks, in a pinch or as your daily driver, Alum is the bomb when used as a deodorant. Great on workout days, hit the pits with alum first then apply your regular deo on top...SAFE!

Alum Instructions: Alum is amazing, simply wet it and rub all over the area just shaved, simple as that. You can choose to rinse it off after a couple minutes or leave it on. This really depends on your skin type and preference. Alum is also great for blemishes....sigh, wish I new of this stuff when I was in high school! Shake off excess water &  pat dry with a towel before placing in Dry Dock.

4.2 oz [120 g]

Ingredients: Potassium Alum

Plastic Travel Container Included