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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Ascension Twist-Adjustable Double Open Comb Safety Razor | CNC Machined | 7075 Aluminum | Burnt Orange

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$54.95 USD

Oh Baby, does this latest color pop! Burnt Orange People, warming up these winter months!

Meet the Twist - Adjustable  Ascension Double Open Comb Razor! This my friends has been a long time in the works and rightly so, for we believe this to be one of the best damn razors now out there…if not the best. ( Zero Hyperbole )

The entire razor is CNC machined and constructed of 7075 Aluminum. 7075 aluminum has a few differences when compared to 6061 aluminum, it offers greater strength, durability, and all around hardness, if it's good enough for the aviation industry it's more than good enough for us. The tolerances on this bad boy are tighter than tight, ensuring zero blade movement. Rest assured that the blade is locked and loaded!


Twist - Adjustable?

Yes my friends, you read right, this razor is indeed an adjustable! First off, though this razor resembles our original DOC I promise you, this is a whole different beast. Unlike the Original DOC, The Ascension is not mild when set snug on the handle but much more aggressive and efficient. Not as aggressive as our DOC Evolution (2015-16), but more than our original DOC (2013), and not in a bad way at all, but in a smooth way. That said, you can easily change and adjust the blade angle with a simple twist of the handle and in turn, customize the quality and feel of the shave. (see what I did there?)

You see, after years of selling the DOC I observed it really didn’t take much to close up the blade gap by over tightening the handle, which many newbs tend to do. Snug rather than tight was always the best way with that razor…and that got me thinking, How Can I Explore This More? 

So, once again we went back to the drawing board and unlike the DOC Evolution, we added a little more shape and curvature to the base plate. This would force the blade to act as a form of tension spring which applied just enough push-back to allow for more tight and seamless adjustability in the space of a 1/4 turn of the handle. Note: While a similar technique can be done with other 3 piece razor designs it is really the exaggerated, intentional shape/curvature of the top and bottom cap that will dictate how effective it actually is.

Unlike a traditional adjustable razor, the Ascension does not lock into fixed points. Which I find gives the user even more, subtle control in finding their own unique Sweet Spot. There is more intuition relied upon with this new design that actually feels a bit Zen or Jedi for sure, but once you start using it, I know you will really fall for the twist action.

Other Tweaks

Anyone who has followed us and what we do know that I absolutely love the double open comb design and often wondered out loud, publicly why no one has actually explored it more. I mean the self-lubricating action of the top cap really does function as the Original Grand Shave King Razor claimed.

It captures lather and water in the top cap channels and redistributes a trail of it evenly on the skin during the pass, much like a lawnmower leaves a trail behind it. For this reason both the DOC and Grand are known to be the best buffing razors out there. I really thought including this concept in every razor was a no brainer…

Yet the DOC Evolution of 2015-16 was the only time I believe it was further explored? Regardless, we kept at it and knew this new adjustable experiment would be yet another variation on the classic top cap open comb design. 

Longer Caps & Divots

We chose to also lengthen the top and bottom caps so as to enclose the blade tabs. This was not the case with The Original DOC & Grand Razor…so we decided we would make this modern tweak and consideration in the design of The Ascension.

We also chose to keep what I believe was just decorative flair or indents on the side of the Original DOC cap design. However these curious divots would now serve a real purpose, and that is a secure rest for your thumb and forefinger when Twisting the razor. In slippery, soapy conditions these indentations prove to be highly effective and provide a virtual no-slip grip. 


The Original Bomb Tip Handle

We decided to pair the 3.5" Bomb Tip Handle with The Ascension after testing out a few different handle designs. These components seemed almost calibrated for each other when combined. The balance and fulcrum really makes this razor feel like a surgical grade tool when in hand giving you effortless control.

The Bomb Tip, AKA: The Pinky Throttle, is a killer, grippy handle that possesses classic character, balance and great feel. 

The Pinky Throttle? 

I can hear you folks now, "Really Doug...The Pinky Throttle?" Sorry, I hadn't really had much time to come up with a better nickname that fully encapsulates what I mean...and I mean, the bomb tip truly was designed with the pinky placement in mind. It's amazing how much extra control this digit, when properly placed, can effect a shave. 

Clearly Gillette's "Ball Tip" was my inspiration and if Gillette's handle was just a tad bigger it would have served the same higher purpose the Bomb Tip does, more subtle control for a typically passive pinky...rather than just being visually appealing. You need to give it a try to truly understand what I mean. So yeah..."Pinky Throttle".

The Perfect Shave is Just A Twist Away!

Over the last 10 years we took all your feedback on our Original DOC and our DOC Evolution to heart and really gave this latest design our all with a bit of artistic license. You will truly be impressed and I do believe in awe of the quality of shave it provides. Shave On & Stay Groovy!

Special Thanks to my good friend Aaron Frugiradet of Frugal Shave! Without his help I know for certain this particular razor would not have seen the light of day! Thanks bud for being awesome Aaron! Check out his designs folks!

The Ascension Safety Razor Specifications:

Starting Blade Gap: 500 Microns

Complete Razor Approx. Wt. 33 grams/ 1.16 Oz

Handle Approx. Wt. 24 grams/ .85 Oz

Handle Length: 3.5"

Complete Razor Length: 3.75" (95mm)

CNC Machined

Material: 7075 Aluminum

Burnt Orange