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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Phoenix Shaving Dreamscape Scuttle SECONDS | Slightly Imperfect, Fully Functional

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Original price $54.95 USD
Current price $23.95 USD
ATTENTION: While all share a resemblance to the photo on the sales page know that due to the nature of the hands-on process of glazing, each will be unique!

These are SECONDS.  They have minor COSMETIC Imperfections. 

However, they still function perfectly, they are not cracked or damaged, just unique!  Some have slightly misshapen spouts, others may have small glazing imperfections. 

They Include a real, solid cork just like the regular Dreamscapes. Sold as-is.  All sales final. 


Dare To Dreamscape!

For many, their first affordable scuttle was our little darling, The Crown King Scuttle. The goal at that time was to create a high quality scuttle that fit EVERYBODY'S Budget and looked kinda vintage too. Needless to say, it was a huge success and really turned a lot of folks onto hot lather...Mission Accomplished! 

However, over the years we have received much feedback, as expected, and once more put it to good use in an effort to give our loyal customers and the shave community what they want. So back to the drawing board we went!

The goal was to really deliver on this new design while keeping the price relatively the same...that was the biggest challenge and again...Mission Accomplished!

Meet The Phoenix Shaving Dreamscape Scuttle!

  •  Handmade & Hand Glazed 
  •  Wide 5 Inch Mouth
  •  Deep 3 Inch Bowl
  •  No More Side Logo
  •  Raised Vert Ridges (not digs)
  •  Rustic Ceramic Design
  •  18 Ounce Capacity 
  •  Real Solid Cork Included
  •  Ready for the best part? It's Under $40!


Raised The Bar(s)

No really, we reversed the verts! 

Traditionally, "verts" are vertical "digs" in a ceramic scuttle that would be done by the potter. Something I really promoted and exploited when it came to my own ceramic design but rather than "digs" this time around I have done something a little different and reversed them, giving a raised relief or embossed effect. This was a carry over concept from my travel scuttle that really worked well! [so much so, I see others following suit!]

These raised bars, by design, create even more resistance which greatly improves lather production, much more so than bumps or digs ever could. 

I have also chosen to round these embossed verts, so as not to damage certain delicate animal hair brushes. 

Wider & Deeper

One thing our customers wanted out of our next generation Dreamscape Scuttle was a wider mouth and a deeper bowl. The wider mouth makes it easy to keep the lather in the bowl and the depth of the bowl keeps the brush standing in between passes rather than falling sideways into the cream...that gets old real quick! You'll be amazed at how much of a difference these slight tweaks make! (well done folks!)

No Logo (kinda)

It's true folks, you will not find our logo gloriously displayed on the side of The Dreamscape Scuttle. I know, but this actually bothered some people in the past with our first we stuck it on the bottom! :) 

One Of A Kind!

Each scuttle is glazed with care by hand, thus making each scuttle uniquely different! That's right, no two of our Dreamscape Scuttles are identical, like a fingerprint, which I find very cool and more in line with the artisanal pottery tradition. 

The Dreamscape = Mind Blown 

This my friends is a real solid, larger, hot lather making machine and a beauty to behold! Born out of our own years of scuttle using and creating experience, as well as your own feedback!

If you have been thinking about picking up a scuttle, or are ready for an upgrade, The Dreamscape is for you!

But Wait...

That's a damn good question. Often I forget that not everyone knows what we are talking about in the Wet Shaving Community...and I apologize.

For scuttle newbs, I will try to make this very easy. When I say scuttle I mean "Lather Scuttle", a scuttle used to create hot lather rather than an antique scuttle which was used just to hold hot water for shaving before indoor plumbing was all the rave. It serves a similar purpose to a shave mug...but gives back more!

The lather scuttle is typically a ceramic, double jacketed vessel, essentially a bowl within a bowl. The bottom chamber below the lather bowl holds hot water. This keeps the lather bowl and lather produced in there hot for the entire shave. [Check out the cross section photo below.]

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, the Lather Scuttle is quite a new invention and only about 15 years old in design! That's right, this concept belongs to us, all of us who are part of this traditional shaving renaissance! Your grand pappy would not recognize this instant classic!


Also, I need to give credit to the owner of this image who I believe is a Russian fellow that runs the Youtube channel, Homelike Vaping. I apologize in advance for not knowing Russian stinks! Note: Scuttle in photo is to illustrate the inner workings of the scuttle and is not the Dreamscape.

I will also attach a video on how to use a lather scuttle and a bit of history. But to be clear as crystal, The Dreamscape Scuttle was designed by a wet shaver (with the feedback of fellow wet shavers) for wet shavers. A mouthful, but I think it makes sense, no?

The Dreamscape is really a wonderful device that aids in making and maintaining a warm/hot lather for an entire shave. It will also keep your brush warm in between passes too! Just such a great addition to an already "me time", meditative activity, Traditional Shaving.

Once you experience a luxurious hot lather shave it is really tough to go back to anything else I assure you!

Click image below to watch video on Youtube.


Approx. Wt. 25 Oz (705 grams)

Approx. Wt. with water: 42.95 Oz (1218 grams)

Approx. Length Spout to Handle: 8.5"

Approx. Length Side to Side: 5.5"

Approx. Height: 3.85"

Real Cork Included