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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Phoenix Shaving Advent Calendar | Limited Supply | Contains 12 Lost & Discontinued Phoenix Classics! | CHANCE TO WIN A QUANTUM RAZOR!

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Sadly, SOLD OUT...but, don't miss next years! Click the "Email Me When Available" button to be updated next year and join us all in the 12 Shaves Of Christmas! 


Do you have the kind of holiday willpower it takes to handle this kind of "Instant" Christmas Classic?

 [seriously, stop thinking of shaking the box already.]

WIN A RARE Quantum Razor Prototype! The Catch, ONLY ONE Advent Contains A Gold Winning Mark!!! The other catch, you have to play along and open each door for 12 days! No peeking, no rushing ahead! Prize can only be claimed after Christmas! *If you contact us before, you forfeit the have fun and remember, take it one day at a time starting 12/14!


ATTENTION - NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Sadly, due to the size & nature of this advent calendar, we can only ship to the continental USA. I do apologize to the rest of the planet & pray a buddy in the USA gifts you one for the holiday!  If you purchase a calendar to ship to an international destination we will have to remove that from the order and refund you.  We apologize for the inconvenience. *UNLESS: You are willing to accept full responsibility for the package. Email us at support@phoenixshaving and we will try to work a Xmas Miracle!

A Traditional Shaving Tradition!

Well folks, we decided to give the advent another go, especially after the HUGE Popularity of last years calendar! This year, being our 10th Anniversary, we decided to dig back even further and find some of our more obscure cult favorites, which I know you will absolutely freak out for! Seriously, there are some real rarities in this box!
Speaking of the box, after last year I also went back to the drawing board on the design, and what a trip that was. No kidding, I think I killed what's left of my brain cells. If you've never tried, try designing a box sometime, it will hurt your brain. Not using 3d software, I did it the old fashion 1d that may explain a lot right there. That said, the struggle was worth it. This year though the box is still huge, it now folds in half! So it's self standing and more importantly, MUCH easier to pack & gift wrap!

Who's Ready For A Trip Back In Time?

This kit contains 12 discontinued yet much loved and sought after past scents from the last decade, or what I like to call, Ghosts of Shaving Past! That's right folks, this holiday season you will find yourself visited by not 3, but 12 EPIC Ghosts or rather, EPIC scents! 

What's Inside?

What, and ruin the surprise? I will say you will find a 1 ounce bottle of Aftershave/Cologne and approximately .50 Ounces of a matching Ultra Premium Formula CK6 Shave Soap within each perforated door. As for which scents, not knowing is part of the Christmas Magic! I should also note the size of this bad boy... Approx. 16" x 16" & Weighs close to 5 lbs!!! It's Flip'n HUGE! 

Don't Snooze On This, They're Gonna Go Fast!

Advent Calendar Directions: Beginning on December 14th, start by opening door number one before your daily shave...that's it! Included in each daily advent present you will not only find a "Ghost of Shaving Past" but also a tiny description on the fragrance! Again, please resist all temptation to open all the panels on day one, trust me it's worth it!

Origin Of The Advent Calendar

Like many other aspects of modern Christmas traditions, the Advent calendar is of German origin. From the early nineteenth century German Protestants began to mark the days of Advent either by burning a candle for the day or, more simply, marking walls or doors with a line of chalk each day. A new practice of hanging a devotional image every day ultimately led to the creation of the first known handmade, wooden, Advent calendar in 1851.

Sometime in the early 20th century the first printed calendars appeared, followed by Gerhard Lang’s innovation of adding small doors in the 1920s; he is thus often seen as the creator of the modern advent calendar. Others added short bible verses behind the doors alongside the traditional picture from the 1930s. Lang’s business closed shortly before the outbreak of war; subsequently cardboard was rationed, and with a Nazi ban on the printing of calendars with images, the calendars disappeared and might have been lost forever. But after the war ended Richard Sellmar of Stuttgart almost miraculously obtained a permit from the US officials to begin printing and selling them once more.

Calendars filled with chocolate began to appear from the late 1950s. Around that time that they also began to spread throughout the world. Eisenhower is sometimes credited with the American popularization of Advent calendar, having been photographed while President opening them with his grandchildren. Today they are a global phenomenon, even seeing a boost in popularity in recent years, but at their heart they retain the essence of counting down the days to Weihnachten that began with those simple chalk scratches.

It's pretty safe to say that this is the first Traditional Shaving Advent Calendar of its kind, thus beginning a new tradition we hope to bring to the world for many years to come!

Wishing You & Yours A Very Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas!
Doug, Fran & Hux!


Approx. Dimensions: 16" x  16"

Weight: Approx. 4.87 Lbs

Contains 24 Pieces; 12 1oz Aftershave/Colognes & 12 Matching Shave Soaps, Approximately .50oz.