Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

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Finally a brush stand for your growing collection! (the misses is gonna love this....or knot! get it?)

This baby is solid and will last for years. Offering two 36mm hangers and two 31mm, giving you more options for different brushes.

We have also added a foam rubber padding to the base to protect counter tops and prevent any slipping or sliding. Here's to shaving in style!

NOTE: Brushes Not Included (sorry). Be sure about size.

5.5" Ht

9.6 Oz Wt (274 grams)

4 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Mike from Schelp on Jan 29, 2016
Ok...this stand does work, and it looks good near the sink. Do check the size of your brushes to make sure they fit. If they do, they will be held securely, bristles down, with excellent room to let them air dry. You can also set it up to hold two brushes, as the two arms can be overlapped. I wasn't sure about the pad on the bottom as the stand sort of wobbled at first. A little pressing on the pad to seat it better seemed to solve that minor issue. If I could I would have given 4.5 stars as the issue is minor. I think this is a "MUST BUY" if you have 2-4 brushes, as the price is VERY reasonable and IT WORKS! To fit smaller brushes, I've thought that rubber tubing, such as surgical type, could be slipped over the arms. Very solidly made.