Lump Of Coal Seasonal Aftershave / Cologne - An Industrial Gourmand For That Naughty Wet Shaver!

$24.95 USD
Scent Profile: Cool, Green, Woody, Metallic, Holly Berry, Coal Stove-ish and Hints of Dark Chocolate.

Once more we chose to ignore our gut and listen to our customers, meaning, this is year 3 for Lump Of Coal and this will be the first year we ever offered a matching splash...but the people have spoken! 

I gotta say, it's pretty nice, especially after it dries down. I can say for certain that fans of our popular First Due will appreciate Lump Of Coal.

If I were to categorize this I'd say it is Industrial Gourmand. I know what you're thinking, Doug, that's not a thing. Only it is...NOW!

Longtime customers may have noticed I tacked on "Hints of Dark Chocolate" (in the Scent Profile) and not remember this from last years version. I swear I added nothing new it's just the scent takes on a whole new shape in its new splash form. So much so, it has really forced me to have a deeper appreciation for the soap as well. For real, I now smell things in it I never picked up before!

I think you'll be pleasant amused and surprised at this one for sure!

100 Ml


Denatured Alcohol, Peppermint Hydrosol Essential/Fragrance Oil, Glycerin Cucumber Seed Extract, Organic Aloe Vera