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Free Shipping On Orders Over $65 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount. ATTENTION: Due to extremely high order volume our fulfillment time is longer than normal.

La Criatura Open Comb Double Slant Safety Razor | Twisted Shave Tech | Spark-Tacular!

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$26.95 USD

Visually Stunning & Effortlessly Efficient

I warned you last Fall after the release of El Fantasma that more color variations on the Open Comb Double Slant Razor were coming. Or maybe I just hinted at that? Hee, hee, hee. Well regardless, it gives me great pleasure to finally introduce you to La Criatura! [Cree-ah-tu-rah or The Creature in English.]

Sleak, Sexy, See Thru and a Serious Shave Machine! On top of that, La Criatura is a direct descendant of the Vintage FASAN "Blue Ghost" Open Comb Slant [see photo]!

 Shiny Things?

However, not only is this an obvious homage to a particular razor but also to...The Creature From The Black Lagoon & get this, Dungeons & Dragons! I can hear some of you now, "What?!?!"-- It's true folks. For any of you that ever launched a campaign with a few friends on a rainy Saturday afternoon you may recall that magical, mystical and sparkly D-20 or for the uninitiated, 20 sided die! [see other photo]

I'm talking the real deal Dungeons & Dragons not a pack of Magic Cards, which we referred to then as D&D for idiots. Yes, we were role playing puritans in those days. D&D was a full on commitment, conditions had to be perfect and then there was that stack of books one had to lug around. But we remained dedicated to the cause.

 I kid you not, this 20-sided die was the inspiration for our latest in our Monster Slant Series! The dorks really did win people. So yeah, glitter in a razor. I promise you this is the first of its kind but most certainly won't be the last!

The Gill-Man!

Getting back to The Creature From The Black Lagoon! Culturally, this classic "horror" flick from 1954 really had an impact on films to come, and my young, impressionable mind. Not to mention it was one of the better 3D films of its time!

No doubt it was inspired by the classics itself but for me and many others, I find it stands on it's own and who doesn't love the idea of a badass amphibious humanoid creature with some real soul? What's more, it was written by Ray Bradbury!

Then there was that full body costume! Audiences at that time had never seen anything like that before! Even the gills moved when it breathed!!! What can I say, the idea of a love sick, sympathetic misunderstood monster appeals greatly to me, and possibly my entire generation (Gen-X).

Like D&D, classic monster movies were also a thing for the weekends growing up, and often one would precede or follow the other. So yeah, this release I hope will be super nostalgic for all who grew up in the 80s & 90s!

Introducing La Criatura! Yes, it is a slant razor and yes, it is an open comb. But, it's also a most Killer Translucent sparkly green! It's really spectacular to behold & even more so to shave with!

The Open Comb Slant Returns...Kinda.

If you were a fan of our Bakelite Open Comb Slant Razor, YOU WILL FRIG'N LOVE La Criatura! However, I should point out, this razor is not bakelite nor is it the same design & geometry. 

La Criatura is part of our NEW OC Double Monster Slant Serious of razors. It is an homage to The Vintage, 1930s FASAN Double Slant Safety Razor! That's right, it's even more "twisted" than its bakelite brother! Meaning, there is even more of a dramatic slant on this beaut, making for a smooth, effortless and lightweight shave!

Seriously folks, this is one of my favorite designs of all time! 

Next, we opted to give ABS a go rather than bakelite this time around. While I absolutely love bakelite (it may be my spirit animal*) ABS might just be the better option! 

[*It's a toss up between Bakelite & David Lee Roth]


It Has A Twist Adjustable Element Too! See Instructions Below!

OC ABS Double Slant Series or Why Does ABS Rock?

First off, it's recyclable (7) and then, the color options are endless! While I loved offering our past bakelite razors the color choices were not really there. Heck, in order to do our Oxblood razors I had to source the bakelite supply myself, then ship it to the manufacturer! I mean, I never would have been able to do a Sparkly Green in Bakelite, the manufacturers barely understood what a safety razor was, never mind if I asked them to make it See Thru green and with glitter! But I Digress...

ABS is also super strong and impact resistant. This could make it a perfect travel or camping razor. ABS so too is heat tolerant and possesses a high tensile strength. It's shock absorbent, and lastly, scratch resistant. To sum it up, though light, it's pretty damn durable and will last generations, especially with the brass hardware we had to include.

We made sure the brass post was the standard 1032 thread so that it can be mixed and matched with your other favorite handles! Though I recommend you hang with the whole package before you switch it up! Unlike it's metal cousin, La Criatura requires slight pressure, but very, very slight. As for the presumed learning curve, you should have it mastered by the end of a 3 pass shave! A slant need not be about weight, but finesse and angle Grasshopper... 

To sum all this up, La Criatura is a killer retro style, high grade quality, piece of shave tech past, present & future. Trust me, you do yourself a serious disservice if you dismiss this as sheer novelty alone. Those of you who already own El Fantasma, The Crimson Ghost or a Phantom Blue know exactly what I mean. A Smooth, Clean & Efficient Double Slant Shave Every time! SHAVE ON!!!

Instructions: There are a few things you need to know about this razor, especially if you are new to a Classic ABS safety razor model.

The dramatically shaped slant cap secures the blade at a precisely calculated cutting angle. This, in conjunction with the Slanted Open Comb, creates a smooth, drawing scythe-like cut. You will find it super efficient and truly pleasant to take down that unruly beard. Be sure to tighten the handle snugly for shaving. For closer shaves you can try loosening the handle by a 1/8 turn to a maximum of 1/4 turn, depending on beard thickness and your own assessment. 

Shave with a vertical downward motion and don’t be surprised if you don’t feel
much of the smooth cutting action. The Slant Cut is an automatic result of this
time tested, classic design. But, you still have to choose the blade that works for
your own unique face - That’s where the true edge is.  As important as the features
on this razor may be, the beard is still being cut by the strength and quality of the blade.

It is recommended you experiment with different brands of blade till you find the
optimal blade for you. Some favorites: Feathers, Titans (dorco), Bolzano, Astra and Voskhod.


One 3-piece ABS Open Comb Double Slant Safety Razor

NOTE: This is For One Razor

Complete Length: 3.25"

16 grams