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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Droid Black & The Oracle Coin Ebook | Available in 2 Ebook Formats

$4.95 USD
[ATTENTION, This is an EBOOK, Not a physical book! ]

Droid Black & The Oracle Coin

Welcome back to the latest episode of our ongoing saga folks! Join Douglas & the gang once more for some EPIC, Shaver Adventure like no other! 

In our latest installment, Douglas Smythe must solve the riddles of a paranormal escape room in order to get out with his life before a murderous black droid becomes fully activated and destroys our hero! With the aid of his trusty, newly found Oracle Coin, Doug pushes back against the forces of evil as the rest of the world, unaware, sleeps on...Stay Tuned for some more madcap high strangeness folks!

Fans of the ongoing series will love this latest romp for sure!

Thank you so much for your support! Every time you purchase one of our books or ebooks it sends the message you are enjoying what we do. As long as the demand is there we'll keep the adventures coming! Phoenix Shaving is More Than Just Shaving! (thanks to you!)

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Welcome To The Phoenix Shaving Universe!

If you are new to these parts you may not know that for many of our scent creations there is an ongoing story line, Droid Black & The Oracle Coin is no different in that regard. In the past the stories are released as part of the adverts leading up to the drop or included at the bottom of sales pages. Lol, it's this placement that is probably the reason why many don't know about this fact.

But if I'm being honest, after almost 10 years now of writing it we now have a pretty solid cult following. Not only do these folks enjoy fragrances and traditional wet shaving but also, like me, sci fi/adventure tales! 

First Time Hearing This?

If you managed to miss all the saga installments up till now, check out these sales pages and scroll down! High Jump 47, Agharta, Copalli (true story), Doppelganger Black (short story), ESP, John Frum, Mega Flora, Terra Preta, Hotel Cecil, and Organism 46b. Then there is Hotel Cecil in booklet form and The Fresco Mystery available in Ebook and an autographed paperback!

Sadly, other installments over the years have gone the way of the dodo with discontinued scents. Fret not though, for there are also elements of the PAA Universe embedded in label art and adverts that also visually propel the story; clues, easter eggs, anagrams and other curiosities to be discovered by he/she who puts the effort in!

Thanks For Your Continued Support!

So with all that said, I hope you purchase a copy of the book! It is available only in ebook files (Epub and Mobi)! Supporting this effort will inspire me to continue writing, well...books! Plus again, if you are a fan of the series so far, I believe you will enjoy Droid Black & The Oracle Coin! 

NOTE: This Listing Is For An Ebook Electronic File Not The Paperback