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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Droid Black Epic Talc Free Man Powder | Homage to Floïd Black | Mentholated!

$12.95 USD

You Can't Keep A Good Scent Down!

Scent ProfileTop notes of citrus, fruity, floral - Middle notes of patchouli, caramel, vanilla - Base notes of woody, musk, amber.

My friends, I would like to introduce you to Droid Black, our latest fragrance in a long line of homages to the classics! If you have not already guessed or overheard, this is a tip of the hat to  Floïd Black! A traditional wet shaving classic! That is to say, a recent classic, not one that spans decades and generations as other releases in this series have done in the past. 

You see  Floïd Black, now discontinued, had a short life that definitely coincides with the rise in popularity of traditional shaving over the last 15 years! This is both sad and kinda cool. I mean, after its release in Autumn of 2012 it rose in popularity within the various shaving forums of the time...and for good reason, it was good. Damn good. 

In my research I noticed  Floïd Black every now and then being compared to Creed Aventus. I mean, I guess I understand the comparison...but barely. It does share some similar characteristics but at the end of the day (especially during dry down),   Floïd Black was/is its own scent and what a scent it is/was; Masculine, dark, floral, musky, talcy, futuristic nostalgia.

Unlike  Floïd's other long running Spanish Barbershop classics dating back almost 80 years, Black was different.  It had none of those classic barbershop trappings off the top. Which was kind of refreshing. Black is warmer and richer, something for the new generation of gents interested in returning to the traditional grooming practices of yore. Masculine, modern, and accessible as an accord but not in a cheap drugstore, pedestrian kinda way. I personally find  Floïd Black to possess a rugged elegance that is quite unique in the world of traditional, low cost aftershaves; A balancing act often tough to truly pull off. I say this with confidence too after all the feedback and support we’ve received from the many, many sample vials we sent out to our customers this past spring and summer. You fine folks "Get It,” and we thank you. I also have to echo popular sentiment, why would they ever stop making this? 

So, it is with great honor and humbleness we dedicate Droid Black to you, our loyal customers! 

Man Powder?

Oh you are gonna thank me for this one fellas! Nothing feels better after a shower than a close shave, but second to that is mentholated powder. Cooling, Soothing, Long Lasting & Absorbent. Chilly willy....

Some of you may recall our infamous mentholated "Snow Balls" powder we did way back in the day, our Future Fiction Talc Free Man Powder is that 2.0! Not that it is as chilly, because it is not, that'd be cruel...but it is silky smooth feeling and will keep you dry, fresh and smelling great all the live long day!

Fun Fact: Gold Bond and I were born in the same town! I drove by the original shop as a child on the way to elementary school! I also grew up in a Gold Bond house, cause that really is a thing where I come from, so I know the stuff intimately. Really, Gold Bond powder was one of my toys as a child. (I am totally serious) So believe me when I say you're going to enjoy this stuff, because I do!

Magnesium Carbonate: A mineral that is amazingly absorbent but also a great natural fixer for binding the musk to the powder.

Organic Corn Starch: This is what gives you the "Slip" and "Bloom" of the powder! But beyond the velvety texture, Corn Starch is especially soothing for skin.

Organic Arrow Root Powder: Arrow Root is a silky, absorbent powder-like extract obtained from the rootstock of a small, perennial, and tropical underground plant named Maranta Arundinaceae.

The tuber of the plant is washed, drained, de-scaled, and reduced to a pulp manually. Now a milky liquid, it is strained thoroughly in order to separate the starch from rest of the components. The starch captured is then dried in the sun forming into a white powder. The stuff feels so satiny it is used in replacement as talc in baby powders!

Brazilian Rose Clay: is a mild kaolin clay, meaning it is a naturally occurring clay that contains kaolinite as its principle constituent. Kaolinite is a clay mineral, also also known as a silicate mineral are found within certain rocks. A soft, earthy, white mineral, it’s produced when weather wears down aluminum silicate minerals like feldspar. 

Most clays have the super ability to absorb impurities from the skin, such as dirt, and oil. Where clays differ is in how much they absorb from the skin. Rose clay is perfect for mostly all skin types because it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Using a super absorbent clay would also be overkill when we were already using Magnesium Carbonate & Arrow Root.

It's true, some clays can be so drying you may end up experiencing excessive dryness, and flaking. That's why Rose Clay is really perfect for sensitive skin types.

Plus, it adds a really cool red tone to the color of the powder!

Red Sandalwood Powder: or ‘Rakta Chandana’, is not only another absorbing powder but is highly soothing in nature. For this years it has been used thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicine. It also, like red clay, possesses a wonderful color that really adds to the spirit of our John Frum fragrance!

Baking Soda: Amazing at absorbing odor, and can soothe skin

Menthol Powder: What can I say about such a cool ingredient that you don't already know? It is found in peppermint and other natural oils. These crystals however, I powdered myself into the finest powder...and this is where that tingle comes from. Again, you are welcome.

Directions: After toweling off from a shower apply powder liberally. Works wonderfully as a mild strength deodorant too for folks who find pit sticks too harsh. Also great for folks with stinky feet! Sprinkle powder in socks and sneakers to aid in absorbing odor. For super studs who may have a lady coming over, sprinkle a little on your sheets to freshen 'em up! There are a million and one uses for a good powder, Enjoy!

Net wt 3.5 oz (100 grams)

Ingredients: Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Corn Starch, Magnesium Carbonate, Rose Clay, Baking Soda, Red Sandalwood Powder, Menthol, Fragrance