Atomic Age Honeysuckle Bay Rum - Secret Menu Mash-Up Soap! Ultra Premium Crown King 6 Formula

$24.95 USD

BOOM! Enjoy our first Mash Up CK-6 Soap!

Congrats, you discovered one of many Easter Eggs here at the PAA Compound! Fans of both Honeysuckle & Atomic Age Bay Rum will really enjoy Atomic Age Honeysuckle Bay Rum ! [As you might imagine.] 

At this time, all of our Secret Menu Mash-Ups are only offered as shaving soap. We feel that you have two options when it comes to pairing with this soap; Son of Honeysuckle or Atomic Age Bay Rum...or a splash of both!

Remember, this is a secret Easter Egg / Warp Zone...keep this on the down low! More special, secret Mash Ups are coming in CK-1 & CK-6 Formula so stay tuned!