Al Fin Aftershave & Cologne (w/ Menthol & Alum) - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Al Fin Aftershave & Cologne (w/ Menthol & Alum) - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Al Fin Aftershave & Cologne (w/ Menthol & Alum)

$24.95 USD

[Notice: Contains Alcohol, Only Shipped Within The USA (lower 48), no International or Military Addresses]

The scent-scape of a dream inhabited by mythical beasts and beings. Ancient knowledge and magik, romance, a first kiss on a summer night long ago. Esoteria, alchemy and sensuality adrift on a breeze. Etta James on a car radio, a drive-in theater, staring at a night full of shooting stars from the beach where the warm waves lap like liquid tongues at your toes. This is Al Fin.

Pair with our Al Fin Artisan Shave Soap Formula 3.0 our Soothing Al Fin Aftershave Balm or Otra Shave Soap, Al Fin's complimenting sister scent!

Not only is the scent magical but as is the feeling upon the skin. The combination and balance of alum and menthol is synergistic...and addictive.

Al Fin contains the essential oils of Rose, Bay Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Vetiver, White Clover, Cypress, helichrysum,  Ambrette, Geranium and Tobacco Absolute.


A Word On The Design: This comes from a classic, all time favorite of mine from Hans Christian Anderson (public domain). I manipulated it and pushed and pulled some of the elements around to give it a Art Nouveau feel. I think the artwork truly represents what's inside the bottle and adds to the whimsy. 


3.5 oz Amber Apothecary Bottle, External Use Only
Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Menthol, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils
Handmade In Arizona, USA
[Al Fin Spanish for At Last]
Review By Nick Shaves:
4.9 out of 5, based on 23 reviews
Angelo from Atlanta GA on Sep 14, 2016
After much debating between about 5 different artisans I wanted to try, I succumbed and decided to purchase Al Fin in both the soap and the aftershave. Douglas' scent descriptions and ways he designs imagery around his scents drew me to take the plunge into PAA for the first time. I wasn't let down! This aftershave matches the soap perfectly and lasts long into the day. You get a very cooling sensation from the menthol that lasted me for almost an hour, but was not overpowering. Just a gentle reminder it was there. It also makes the scent feel like it is alive and vibrant! After the first hour my skin was eating up all the "skin food" without leaving me greasy. The smell is something you have never had before but after you use it you will truly feel "Esoteric" :)
Robert from Reno on Aug 02, 2016
Like most of the Douglas Smythe creations I've purchased, Al Fin smells like nothing I've encountered before. Yes, there are numerous familiar notes but they are blended in a way that makes it impossible to remember where I recognize them from. At first I wasn't sure I liked it—I had no olfactory frame of reference—but as I shaved on, it grew on me. By the end of the shave I knew it would be a regular part of my rotation. Great lather, great performance and a great, utterly-unique scent.
Philip from Arizona on May 25, 2016
This stuff is amazing. I didn't quite know what to think when I first opened it. The great thing is it evolves over time after you apply it. I found myself smelling my wrists and face over and over again throughout the morning and each time the scent changed slightly. Nick Shaves does a great review of this stuff on Youtube and the video is actually posted above in the product description. He's right, it is incred8bly complex but in a very good way.
Dave from Kenosha, WI on Dec 26, 2015
Best aftershave I've tried. Reading the imaginative description of the scent on the web site doesn't really give one an idea of what it smells like but I love it. The formula, with alum and menthol, gives a great after shave feel. My absolute favorite.
Ricky Podejko from San Diego, Ca. on Oct 19, 2015
I use this everyday. I love the scent and I'm yet to find someone who dosent.
Steve from Miami on Sep 09, 2015
I took the leap and bought Al Fin without trying the sample, and at first I thought I made a mistake. After the second use it settled in with me, and I have found Al Fin to be a great AS. It has a sophisticated scent that is appropriate dressed up or down. Very good product, and I am glad I bought it.
Todd from Texas on Jul 09, 2015
I'm a long time user of Alt Innsbruck and heard this was inspired by it, so I had to try it as soon as it came in the mail. Believe the hype. If you are a wet shaver this is a must have. This feels amazing on the skin post shave. Its the best aftershave I've ever used. It's actually a lot better than Alt Innsbruck. I really love the sensation this aftershave has after a shave. You can really tell quality is in the making. Long live Al Fin.
G from South Texas on Jul 01, 2015
Wonderful scent! It is tough to describe, you'll just have to risk it as I did! Isn't that the fun of our little hobby though? Know that you have stumbled upon an incredibly unique store here. The soaps are fantastic, and the aftershaves are like none other! I also bought the Sister scent Otra, and I prefer that one, which is not to say this one is bad, just different.
Jeff from The Rose City on Jun 07, 2015
I love this scent. I seem to get a lot of compliments when wearing it. It's unique but a scent I think anyone would love. I wear it on days I don't shave. Love the healing properties in it as well. Underpriced in my opinion. Now I want the Sandlewood, especially with that awesome Hindu label.
Michael from Milano on Apr 27, 2015
I always make it policy to give as honest a review as possible, so if there's any flaw or room for improvement one could apply it towards a perfect product, but what happens when there's no words to describe a product that is perfect?... This is by far THE best AS in my cabinet, the feel the scent, the lasting effect is awesome and intoxicating. Buck up for the travel size too people, trust me it's nice to have handy in your locker, desk or dopp bag.
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