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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Vent Scents Car Air Freshener Diffuser | 1 Pad & Fragrance Included | Choose Your Favorite Phoenix Scent!

$17.95 USD

[Choose Your Fragrance From Drop Down Menu]    

"The Vent Scent is a great product. I attached them to our car’s vents and our HVAC registers in some of our rooms in the house. Nothing quite like having Solstice or Epic Peppermint (to name a few) in the air! I have several and love them!" ~ Gary Lewis, Customer 

Excited Folks! Choose your favorite Phoenix Shaving Scent for our Vent Scent Car Air freshener Diffuser! Now you can really immerse yourself in our  fragrances!

Note: If there is a scent you would like and don't see it just contact us!

Meet the New Phoenix Shaving Reusable, Refillable, 316L Stainless Steel, Clip-On Vent, Magnetic Car Air Freshener Diffuser - Or - *Vent Scents!

For many, many years we have been asked to make Car Air-fresheners and finally the time is here!  

I think this may be the first heirloom car air freshener!

"Vent scents? Absolutely freaking brilliant idea. My wife LOVES CaD, now she can enjoy it ANYTIME she’s in the car!! I bought 2 the other one is in my Postal Vehicle. Now between park n loops I can enjoy the amazing scent of PAA Bay Rum!! If you have a car, a nose, and love PAA THIS is a no brainer." ~ Scott R Leslie, The Peaceful Shaver 

Easy to Clean & Built to last.

  • Premium 316L stainless steel material, smooth surface, strong magnetic closure, long scent projection.
  • Outside diameter: 30mm (1 1/8") 
  • Epic Design: The sleek stainless steel designs will look elegant in your car and doesn’t hang from your rearview mirror causing distraction.
  • 1 refill felt pad included & 2 Drams of Fragrance  
  • Makes wet shaving truly immersive!
  • No scratch rubber coated metal clips. A Universal fit!
  • A convenient and simple air freshener for your car, bathroom, or dorm. 
  • Clip to any vents! Home Floor Vents or Car!
  • Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!


All Ready Own One Of Our Vent Scents?

If you are one of the awesome folks who picked up our first variations on Vent Scents and would like a new scent FINALLY to refill yours with...we can help! 

Instructions: Simply add 3-5 drops to the felt pad, insert into casing and clip to your car vent. Use as much or as little fragrance as you desire but begin with just a few drops to test the strength.  Do not store fragrance tube in glove box but in cool dry place so it does not evaporate.

* A shout out and thank you to the customer who thought this would make a great name after he read my mouthful of an attempt at it! Sadly & stupidly, I can't remember who it was. If you are reading this brother THANK YOU and please reach out to me! 

1 x Aromatherapy Car Fragrance Oil Diffuser
1 x Refill Pad
1 x 2 Dram Fragrance Oil