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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Removable Tip Bomb Tip Handle | 316L Stainless Steel | 2 Size Options!

$19.95 USD

Want to add on Color Tips?  Choose from add on options above.

BOOM! Meet the new Stainless Removable Bomb Tip Handle From the folks that brought you the original Bomb Tip, us! Now Available in 2 Lengths! 

With all the attention our colored Flare Tips were getting, Bomb Tip felt left clearly, something had to be done!

Our Original Bomb Tip, AKA: The Pinky Throttle, is a killer, grippy handle that possesses classic character, balance and great feel. This handle is compatible with most modern and vintage razor heads and will last lifetimes with proper care!

Now w/ Removable Bomb Tip!

Add some ZING (or bling as the kids call it) to your next shave or remove the tip to make the handle shorter! The goal was to make both handles, Flare & Bomb Tip, in a modular way, compatible! So by all means, mix and match those color tips till the cows come home! Of course that begs the question, where are the cows currently and was it my turn to watch them? More importantly, what do cows have to do with our razor handles? Ahem, what I am trying to say is, Our Flare Tips will fit the Bomb Tip Handle and our Bomb Tip Tips will fit the Flare Handle! Dizzying I know when put that way but you must admit it sounds pretty EPIC!


The Pinky Throttle? 

I can hear you folks now, "Really Doug...The Pinky Throttle?" Sorry, I hadn't really had much time to come up with a better nickname that fully encapsulates what I mean...I mean, the bomb tip truly was designed with the pinky placement in mind. It's amazing how much extra control this digit, when properly placed, can effect a shave. 

Clearly Gillette's "Ball Tip" was my inspiration and if the handle was just a tad bigger it would have served the purpose the Bomb Tip does, more subtle control for a typically passive pinky...rather than just being visually appealing. You need to give it a try to truly understand what I mean. So yeah..."Pinky Throttle".

Fun Fact: Each handle is deburred, tumbled and hand polished in our shop for quality control and because hey, we love getting our hands dirty! (and you thought we just made soap.)

Epic, Classic Design That will Last a Lifetime!

3.5 inch Handle Weight: 66 grams

3.25 inch Handle Weight: 59 grams

Finish: Tumbled, Hand Polished

Method of Manufacture: CNC Lathe Turned Handle


Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hand Polished