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Vintage Style Art Deco Frog Blade Bank - Porcelain

$9.95 USD

THIS, my friends is a true classic! All the rave through the late 30's, this classic little art deco frog was the blade bank of choice. Made for both home use and barbershop where the need to dispose of used, dull blades was always a challenge, at least doing so in a stylish way.

These were promotional items back then and most likely came free with soap or cream...they were also considered "disposable"! That's right, once this little leaper was full, you'd simply toss it out and pick up another!

Seems rather tragic being such a cool collectible piece of history, not only that, but wasteful, no? 

Jump to 2018 and once again Blade Banks are back in demand, and what better a "reboot" than one of the classics! However, this time around, I decided to add a rubber stopper to the bottom making them re-usable. When this little guy gets full simply remove the stopper and empty the blades into another container to dispose of responsibly...BOOM!


Ht: 3"

Base/Footprint: 2"x2"

Aprox Wt. 3.1 oz

Want to make this bad boy look even more authentic? Here's How...


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