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  • Aftershave Cologne - Tombstone Cologne/Aftershave - W/ Alum & Menthol
  • Aftershave Cologne - Tombstone Cologne/Aftershave - W/ Alum & Menthol

Tombstone Cologne/Aftershave - W/ Alum & Menthol

$24.95 USD
[Notice: Contains Alcohol, Only Shipped Within The USA (lower 48), no International or Military Addresses] (A possible 3rd party solution is to use shipito.com...FYI)

When you hear the word Tombstone (Arizona), like a trigger, it immediately conjures up images of Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan Earp, and that rascal Doc Holliday on that fateful day, rugged, ready and cool as cucumbers. Maybe a quote from one of the movies automatically leaves your lips...but what about the scent?

Not only did I do my homework on old time perfuming for this but I also made some innovations adding Alum, Menthol and Glycerin to balance it all out in the realm of sensation upon freshly shaven skin. I even went as far as visiting the bustling little mining town of yore to take it all in.

Pair with Tombstone Artisan Shave Soap HERE!

What my nose picked up on was the heavy scent of horse saddle and holster leather, gun powder from spent shotguns and pistols of the reenactment, sweet & intoxicating whiffs of opium seeping from the canvas flaps of makeshift dens, tobacco scents escaping the mouths of the doomed Clanton boys, and the beat up spittoons precariously rocking on the floorboards of the rowdy saloons. Then there are the sweet floral scents of the overly painted faced ladies of the night to consider...and last but not least, the complex, sophisticated aroma of Earl Grey steeping in a tea cup below the hung-over mug of Doc Holliday in his chair at the card table.

Much like a gunfight, each note in the scent profile, like each gunslinger, takes its turn and has its way with you. The added menthol feels like cold steel pressed up against your neck and the alum leaves your skin feeling fresh and toned, while the glycerin adds a new kind of moisture one doesn't often get from traditional alcohol based aftershaves. So put some swagger in your shave today with a blast from the past. Tombstone, you ain't no daisy!

3.5 oz Glass Flask, External Use Only

Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Menthol, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils
Handmade In Arizona, USA
4.9 out of 5, based on 18 reviews
Jeffrey Randa from Detroit on Apr 08, 2016
I feel compelled to post this review because as often as I read and use them, I am not so good about returning the favor and posting them. It was in reliance upon the reviews here that I purchased a bottle of Tombstone, and I must report that it was one of the best decisions I have made! As a wet shaver and collector of "stuff" related to shaving, including a rather nice assortment of after shaves and colognes, and in light of the fact that I have spent as much as $300 on a bottle of cologne, I can safely say that this fine scent is as good as any. This is the kind of stuff that you put on your arm and enjoy smelling all day long. Part of what makes it so good is that it lasts all day long, and although the scent matures over time, it is simply wonderful at all stages. This is a good, manly scent, but not unrefined, either. It's the kind of scent a woman will like because it makes you smell like a man. If you ever wondered what Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp would have smelled like when he dressed up for a night out, this is it. I have, since this purchase, bought other things from this company and can report that they are all top-notch. My only regret is that I didn't know about Phoenix a long time ago. For now, I'll be making up for lost time, but in the interim, I'll be splashing on the Tombstone, quite often.
Alan L. Andresen from NW, Illinois on Jan 14, 2016
I've been wet shaving for 30 years and for the most part I've used Clubman aftershaves with a sprinkling of higher end Ralph Lauren scents and whatever cheap stuff people would give me for Christmas mixed along in there. Tombstone gives me enough post-shave tingle with the alcohol and slight vapor/slight cooling effect from the menthol to satisfy my face. Ordinarily, my face would feel slightly dry from a Clubman aftershave etc. but this doesn't do that. I can't remember ever liking a scent so much that I don't want to be without it and I feel absolutely no need to buy or try anything else. Everything about this aftershave/cologne smells manly. The smell is complex but to me I discern earl grey tea, leather, tobacco, and perhaps a smattering of gunpowder in the mix. I'd really like to see a pre-shave bar and post shave lotion/balm!!! Thanks PAA! Love!
Chris from Seattle on Dec 05, 2015
This is it. The aftershave that started it all. From the moment that I first smelled the rich, deep leathery scent from my friend's bottle, I knew I was hooked. I was two months into wet shaving, and was still using the convenience store software as my primary shaving products. Tombstone opened my mind up to the complexity and wonder of the vastness of the wet shaving world. Anything was possible.
This isn't just a scent. It's not even just a good aftershave. It's an experience. A story. There's simply nothing quite like it. Forget about your simple bay rum and barbershop scents. I'll be using Tombstone until I've got a tombstone of my own.
Todd from Texas on Jul 14, 2015
I collect fragrances first of all. I have probably around 200 or so. Also, I'm an avid wet shaver. I bought Tombstone and Al fin for my first go around with this company based on some youtube reviews. All the talk is definitely worth the hype. I have many aftershaves, but had settled on my favorite as being Proraso and have only been using that for about a year. I explored a great many aftershaves before deciding there just wasn't anything better than the mighty P. Now, I was proven wrong. I'm so glad I picked up these Aftershaves. This stuff feels great after a shave, then leaves my skin feeling treated or something. No aftershave does this on this level. This is truly skin food. On top of that, there's the scent. I really like both the Al Fin and the Tombstone. Both are top notch. I have to say though, as a collector, I really, really, appreciate Tombstone. There's always talk in different fragrance communities about what's the best "man" cologne. I know Fine's aftershaves were based off of one favorite, Rive Gauche. Also, another King of man scent is Quorum. I think these two are the cream of the crop "Manly" type scents........maybe Fahrenheit is in the conversation due to the petroleum note in that..........anyway, so not only is Tombstone the best aftershave of all time, but it has also significantly raised the bar on what a "man" scent is. Gunpowder and leather. Seriously, and mixed with just enough other stuff that it really smells good. It's perfect. That's really all there is to say about this stuff. It is the perfect aftershave and scent for a man's man. I still have my collection and many others that I like for different reasons, but there's not much comparable to this for just sheer kick ass awesome. Clint Eastwood wears this stuff and Chuck Norris borrows it every chance he can get.
Pierre from TX on Jun 06, 2015
I first heard about the description of this scent on an episode of the Moustache and Blade podcast. I recently ordered this scent and it is awesome! For me at first putting it on I pick up the leather and gunpowder right off the back. As the scent settles in I start to pick up the sweeter parts of it and at that point for me when all the notes join is when this scent really shines. I find it amazing how Doug can get all these scents to smell so accurate to what he is envisioning. There are so many great PAA scents, but this one is a true gem for me.
Bruno from Nashville TN on Apr 17, 2015
Leather Leather Leather. If you like leather this is for you. Its a little over the top for my nose and reminds me of New Car Smell. Not sure where the gunpowder or firing range is but I'm not getting that scent coming through. The menthol is a nice add, and I bet the quality is there. I really wanted to love this one but I haven't quite arrived.
Michael Milano from Selden, NY on Apr 15, 2015
I used to be wary of alcohol based AS and never thought it could be worn as a cologne, then I found Phoenix, as if alum and menthol kick within isn't perfect enough I could swear I just sat down for a whiskey after a gunfight. The scent is dead on masculine with the perfect sweet subtleties for the good, the bad and the ugly. Awesome with a side of awesome.
Zac Simmons from Breesport, NY on Feb 19, 2015
This is probably my boldest, and favorite scent to date from PAA!! I have been a customer since PPF merged over, and you still make the soap a treat every time I sniff and whip it up. PAA is my absolute go-to, being the only shave soaps in the house. I have banished all other brands, and now I can't wait to get more of your colognes and AS's after trying this out!! I am a huge fan of the old-style apothecary bottles, and the scent is dead on. I feel like John Wayne wearing this stuff, and my face feels amazing post-splash. No razor burn, all tingles and awesomeness. Keep it guys, you do nothing but keep this customer happy!!
Stephen A. Davidson from Virginia on Feb 14, 2015
This aftershave is incredible. The description doesn't do it justice. You get a good whiff of gun powder like you'd get on the firing range with a little hint of tobacco smoke and then you get a little hint of rose water and geranium that comes through towards the end of the scent.
John Golden from United States on Feb 08, 2015
This aftershave cologne is superb. Others that I have asked their opinion of the scent agree with me that it's a fine scent. Judging by the other items I bought with it I was going for a "western" theme. I think the subtlety of Tombstone is great aspect. It is not overpowering and certainly doesn't leave a trail to be followed. I've always believed that you shouldn't smell my aftershave before I enter the room and certainly not ten minutes after I leave. This item delivers in line with that credo.
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