• The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades and Trimming Scissors) - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - 1
  • Safety Razors - The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades And Trimming Scissors)
  • Safety Razors - The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades And Trimming Scissors)
  • Safety Razors - The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades And Trimming Scissors)
  • Safety Razors - The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades And Trimming Scissors)
  • Safety Razors - The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades And Trimming Scissors)

The Flight SATIN DOC 4-piece Travel Razor - (Includes Case, Blades and Trimming Scissors)

$44.95 USD

Some people wanted a heavier handle on our Phoenix DOC, so we tacked on 30 more grams (Total 86 Grams). People begged for a travel DOC, we give you The Phoenix Flight....That's us, killing two birds with one stone. (pun not intended)

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Also included in the kit is a 5 pack of Blades and Trimming Scissors.This may be the perfect solution when traveling and man will you feel like James Bond when you open up the faux leather pouch!

The Flight offers great balance, deep knurling and weight. Once it's put together you would never guess this is a travel razor and could easily end up being your daily driver! You can also choose to connect just one segment of the handle stem giving you a low profile 2" shaver.

Travel Lite, look great, take flight!

Consider Picking Up The PAA Desert Duster Atomizer For Your Travels and Conserve Your AS/Colognes Longer!

Double Open Comb Design

Wt.  86 Grams

Length: 3.60"

Brass Handle, Dbl Chrome Coated

Razor in Case Weighs: 5.4 oz

4.5" Trimming Scissors

5-Pack of Astra, Shark or Rapira Blades.


5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Jason from DFW on Jul 20, 2016
First, I'd like to say that PAA is a top notch company from top to bottom. My first experience with the DOC was not to my expectation and the guys and gals at PAA made it right quickly and in a friendly fashion! (I manage a small "artisanal" business in another industry and very much appreciate the attention to detail)

Because I've been so pleased with their other products and their way of doing business I gave the Travel DOC a try.

This is a super classy kit! The leather material is supple and soft and each piece of the kit is individually wrapped and fits snuggly in its place. Even the scissors are bound with a small sleeve of plastic. Overall the quality is top notch!

I've gotten in 3 head shaves with it trying out different blades (Voshkod, PolSilver, and Feather) and have enjoyed near or total BBS shaves from all! Used the full 2 peice handle, the 2" inch configuration and tried it on a Maggard MR5. The stock handle has a good heft, doesn't need the MR5 unless I want the extra aggression and I actually really like the 2" stubby mode! The double combs do a great job of holding lather so buffing is a breeze. I find the razor very intuitive, in that finding the angle and reading the tactile and audible feedback is very simple. A great beginner OC.

Great job guys! This a killer kit, I may need anther one to to actually travel with because has become a really fun toy for the den!
Will C. from Helotes, Texas on Jul 20, 2016
After eyeing this razor for a few months, I finally took the plunge and ordered.

First Let me say, I was impressed that my order shipped the same day, and arrived two days later (with FREE shipping!)

The un-boxing experience isn't all that thrilling, and I think that's one of the ways PAA keeps costs lower (I'd rather not pay more for a fancy box and wrapper anyway...). But the packaging was excellent. THe travel case is wrapped in bubble wrap, and when you open it, all the components of the razor are individually wrapped in their "pockets" of the case. Mine came with a 5 pack of Wilkinson Swords, not the Astra/Shark or Rapira advertised above (minor detail, didn't bother me as I use Personna Lab Blues anyway).

The razor itself is GORGEOUS. I love the satin finish, and it looks like a million bucks. You can see where the casting tree was connected to the top cap, as there is a slight divot/depression in the surface on one side of the cap, but it's not something most people would notice. The handle has nice weight and balance and is very forgiving.

The shave. I was very excited about getting a satin finish because my chrome razors sometimes "stick" to my face where the top cap contacts my cheek, this can cause control issues, and is one of the main reasons I wanted a DOC. The razor did not dissapoint. I'm 2 shaves in and gettting used to finding the right blade angle. I'll be using the same soap until I'm very comfortable with the razor (CELLA) to limit my variables. I got a DFS first shave, and this mornign was surprised when a near-BBS popped up on my weekday morning 2-passer. This razor is incredble for buffing and makes it supper easy to get a close shave. It is mild enough I'm going to get my 15yo son one for Christmas as his first DE (hope they are in stock by then!!!)

Verdict. I would and will buy another. I liked the 2-piece handle, although I'm going to turn a custom handle for this razor (2" is too short, 3.6" is too long for my preference). Great design!
Alan L. Andresen from NW, Illinois on Jan 14, 2016
I've been wet shaving for 30 years. I started with a '58 Gillette Red Tip with a little '58 Gillette Tech mixed in there. Traveling in the military or in the field I'd use a Gillette Travel Tech. Over the last ten years I've used a Merkur Futur almost exclusively while not traveling etc. The PAA Flight DOC is the only razor I've even bought new and I absolutely love it. It feels incredibly safe to me so much that I had my 13 year old son shave with it over the Tech for his first shave. The razor has a unique look, a good weight, the case in nice, the scissors come in handy, and I've never had a closer shave especially on areas I couldn't really get without serious irritation before. I do 2 passes and clean up with buffing. My first true BBS over my entire face. I love this razor!!!
Tim T from CA on Oct 29, 2015
Very impressed with this razor and the case set up. I tried it out this morning and was very impressed with how smooth it shaved. Zero irritation and a very smooth shave. The case is set up really nice as well, appears to be made of very solid material, everything fits inside nice and snug so I am very confident this will hold up to traveling very well, and the trimming scissors are good quality as well. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to using it again, great razor guys you nailed this one.

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