Aftershave Cologne - Speakeasy Cologne / Aftershave - W/ Aloe & Alum
  • Aftershave Cologne - Speakeasy Cologne / Aftershave - W/ Aloe & Alum

Speakeasy Cologne / Aftershave - w/ Aloe & Alum

$19.95 USD

[Notice: Contains Alcohol, Only Shipped Within The USA (lower 48), no International or Military Addresses]

Speakeasy - A classic cologne scent that is reminiscent of a bygone era.  This scent does not smell like any kind of libation or spirit, but rather a mood (think The Great Gatsby).  The scent notes are: Rose, Sage, Bergamot, Citrus, Wood, Amber.

Pair with our Matching Speakeasy Artisan Shave Soap HERE

Well, it was only logical to start creating a matching cologne for some of our more popular scents! What you will find in this bottle is a superb long lasting “potion”, strong enough to be used as a traditional cologne and gentle enough to also be used as an aftershave.

Do not misunderstand my use of the word “gentle”, you are still in store for that burn so many of you chase! 


3.5 oz Amber Apothecary Bottle, External Use Only
Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils
Handmade In Arizona, USA
Reviews for Speakeasy Cologne / Aftershave W/Alum
5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
William Sanford from Crown Point, IN on Jun 11, 2015
Picked this up along with the matching shave soap for my father. We both spent some time trying to figure out what this reminded us of as it smells strikingly like a cologne he owned at one point or another. The note profile is simply a factotum and the soap would probably pair well with Lagerfeld, Photo, Givenchy Gentlemen, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Bijan, or Jaguar. The notes are fairly versatile as far as pairing goes. However, I cannot help but feel this a dead ringer for Pierre Cardin's Insatiable. Good stuff regardless and as Insatiable is no longer available, this would be a superb substitute.
Mister Feather from Georgia on May 23, 2015
Wow... just wow!!! This is a great compliment to the speakeasy soap, which I highly recommend by the way, the smell is great and no overpowering at all, but it lasts a long, long time. GET THIS, GUYS!!! PAA is aready one of my go to guys for soaps and aftershaves, but they are well on their way to being my sole aftershave guys, right along with Fine's. Good work on this!!!
John Spotto from Georgia on Mar 27, 2015
I have numerous PAA AS splashes and love the stuff. I gotta say I am at a lost for words with this scent. All I can say is WOW. Speakeasy is now ridin' Shotgun!
Kevin from Wisconsin on Mar 18, 2015
I just received this today. I usually don't review products so quickly, but this one was easy. Upon opening and applying, the scent immediately reminded me of Liz Claiborne's Curve for Men. Except, its much more complex and not nearly as chemical as that. Its deeper and more pleasant. Surely to become a daily wear for me, without a doubt.
Gottlieb from Los Angeles on Mar 05, 2015
I love this scent and it is my favorite from PAA. While I like other scents from PAA and other scents may be more popular, Speakeasy 's appeal for me is its soothing and sophisticated scent. It is not brash but still a wonderfully enticing scent that I am drawn back to again and again. While I love classic powdery barbershop scents, I think this has more complexity and interest without being over the top spicy. Think Fred Astaire in a top hat and tails! Highly recommended.

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