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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount.

SIN Alcohol Based - Fragrance Free Silky Aftershave Splash - Hedione, Liquid Silk, Aloe, Glycerin & More!

$24.95 USD

This may be a first...Scentless Aftershave Splash with Killer, Silky Post Shave Feel! (With an add your own Menthol Option. See Drop Down)

Sin was inspired by my good friend Tim Blem, who recently requested I make him a scent free splash. Not that he doesn't care for my scents, it's just that he loves the "feel" of my blends and wanted something neutral to use with everything. Granted I do make a Fragrance Free/ Alcohol Free Tonic and had thought of a scentless AS...but didn't think it would sell, until Tim's request! So here we go!

Pair With our very popular Scentsless Artisan Shave Soap HERE 

I am making Mentholated "Optional" and DIY, or "Do It Yourself". That means, you can choose from the drop down "w/ Menthol". You will receive 1.8 grams of menthol crystals in which you can add to the Splash yourself! You can also, and I encourage this, add about 30 drops of your own favorite essential oils too and create your very own custom PAA Splash...BOOM! That said, this is perfect for both men and women!

Why SIN? 

Just wanted to clarify for some folks that may take some kind of offense to the's in Spanish not English. SIN simply means "without", like Sans in French. But who knows, maybe there is a duality to the name after all, lets see what you do with it, shall we? Options are good.

NOTE On Adding Menthol Crystals: We recommend you ad a little at a time...not all at once. Ex. ad half a crystal to the Splash and allow a few hours for it to dissolve, shake and apply to test. This is typically good. If you want to increase chill repeat process until level of cool is achieved. Add menthol at your own "risk", we are not responsible if you over mentholate to your taste. Sorry, have to include that.

Contains Silk - Not Vegan

3.5 Oz Glass Flask

Ingredients:Denatured Alcohol, Purified Water, Hedione, Liquid Silk Carrot Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin