Lather Blaster 3000 Epic Eau De Parfum (EDP) - Deep Barbershop | 30ml

$49.95 USD

Scent Profile: Talc, Sandalwood, Bourbon, Tobacco Absolute, Peruvian Mirra Resin, Indonesian Brown Damar Resin, Strawberry Aldehyde  

Some of you may recall a very special soap & splash we did for the Seattle Shave Con about 4 years Well then, maybe you remember a soap and splash we did for WCS called Rum Runner? If so, you will immediately love Lather Blaster 3000, a scent too good to lose! Fact is, this is that scent and then some...

A Much Needed Tweak

The original accord was Sandalwood, Bourbon and Tobacco Absolute and man was it epic...but to be honest, a little rough around the edges looking back. *So I decided to take it back to the perfuming table and refine it even more, take off certain rough edges & corners if you will.

The kiss of Strawberry Aldehyde adds a nice touch of zing and plays really well with the tobacco note. The tree resins not only work as natural fixatives for the scent but also add a nice warm, vanilla-esque balsam and resinous note that wasn't there before. Lastly, the talc on top softened the Indian Sandalwood even more, making for a truly classic barbershop blend that melts like butter on the skin!

30 ml Bottle

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Resins, Absolutes, Essential/Fragrance Oil