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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Copalli Eau De Parfum (EDP) |Resinous, Ambrosial and Balsamic | 30 Ml

$49.95 USD

Scent Profile: Black Copal Forward, with a kiss of Palo Santo. Ethereal, Aromatic, Resinous, Ambrosial and Balsamic.

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The Most Epic Scent You Never Heard Of

For the last couple of months you may have heard me refer to Copal as the Sandalwood of Mesoamerica. I know, a tad vague and also confusing. To clarify, what Sandalwood is to the East, Copal is to the Americas, Mesoamerica in particular. Meaning, it is/ has been used in much the same way that Sandalwood was/is and has been, since man set foot on the America(s). Some uses include religious ceremonies such as ritual offerings to the gods, Insect Repellent, Ancient Magic, as Perfume, as Incense, and on and on!

Fun Fact: The Aztecs referred to Copal as Food Of The Gods, if that doesn't tell you how epic it is...and how long we gringos have been missing out!

But What is Copal? Plant, Animal, Mineral?

Copal is a tree resin that has been used since pre-Columbian times in various ceremonies throughout Central & South America. The word copal is a shortened version of “copalli” which is a Nahuatl word that means incense; to the Mayan people it was called Pom and others have nicknamed it Young Amber*.  In modern times copal is widely used as a standalone or as an ingredient in the blend of many incense fragrances.  It's really magical stuff and what I find to be a perfect mid-summer scent!

*Fun Fact 2: Are you a fan of Amber? You know that hard, golden resin that has been known to encase ancient insects? You probably had a piece at some point or another in your life, or at least held's so cool, a real time capsule. I actually remember seeing a shaving brush handle made from the stuff awhile back too, EPIC! Well, that is Copal! Or, Antique Copal from thousands of years back to be more precise, hence its nickname, Young Amber.

Isn't it odd? It's like Copal was always near, we just never knew.

At this point you are probably wondering what Palo Santo is. Palo Santo is also considered to be a sacred tree but possessing a very strong, aromatic wood as well. Palo Santo can be distilled into an essential oil or be used as a resin but even more interestingly, it can be cut into sticks and burned like sage or incense. The scent is fresh and alive - slightly resinous, and almost minty with sparkly notes of citrus. In some cases, because of different environmental factors, it can also smell like baked apples or burnt sugar. The stuff is a perfumers dream and a frag heads delight!


30 ml Bottle

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Essential/Resins/Fragrance Oil