Bolzano Superinox Double Edge Razor Blades, 5 pack


$2.89 USD 


Bolzano Superinox Double Edge Blade, 1 packs of 5(5 blades)

The quest is over...we have 'em!

The exquisite Bolzano Blade, Italy's best-selling, most popular DE blade! Revered by Barbers across the globe, and anyone who has had a chance to try them! We are proud to offer one of the most, if not the most superior blade out there!

Made in Germany

5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Tony H. from Henderson, NV on Apr 04, 2016
I purchased these from PAA and shaved with this blade for the first time this morning. If I knew what I know now, I would have stocked up on these a long time ago. These are a slight percentage below Feather in sharpness, however, they are smooth, smooth, smooth. PHENOMENAL. The hype surrounding these blades are not hype at all, they really are as good as they say.
Miguel lopez from Holtville ca on Sep 27, 2014
I've tried several different blades but these a good and very sharp have left my face like a baby's behind I've shaved 4 times with the same blade and is still as sharp as the first.
Stephen A. Davidson from Virginia on Sep 06, 2014
These DE blades are a very good choice. The first shave needs a little extra caution, but after that they keep getting better with use. They also hold an edge better and last up to 5 multi pass shaves. The smoothness is really good, but not quite as good as the Gillette Silver Blues. These are not quite as sharp as the Feather DE blades are, but they're alot more forgiving after the first use. You have to try these blades.