Traditional Bay Rum Cologne / Aftershave - 3.5 oz - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Traditional Bay Rum Cologne / Aftershave - 3.5 oz - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Traditional Bay Rum Cologne / Aftershave - 3.5 oz

$24.95 USD

First off, I think my Bay Rum is the best out there...of course you'd expect me to say this but listen. I am a Bay Rum guy, when most guys were sporting Drakaar and Polo I was rocking Bay Rum. In fact, it was the lack of good Bay Rum soaps out there that inspired me to create my own shave soap back in the day! That said, I consider myself a Bay Rum connoisseur.  

Most "Bay Rums" out there are made with fragrance oil, and while that's fine I find it limiting and boring. I mean, if everyone is using the same synthetic Bay Rum Fragrance oil what's the point? Where is the unique character from brand to brand? Where is the tradition?

With that in mind i chose a long time ago to build mine from the ground up by blending high quality essential oils. Then there is the skin food included...you WILL notice the difference both in scent and feel!

We also added an easy pour guard to prevent you from overdosing! NOTE: There is zero Clove in our Bay Rum

Pairs Perfectly W/ PAA Bay Rum Shave Soap! Looking for a cooler take on this scent? Check out our Arctic Bay Rum Aftershave Splash/Cologne HERE!

Note: Some folks w/ sensitive skin can find Bay & Citrus oils agitating to the skin, you have been warned! :)

3.5 oz Amber Apothecary Bottle, External Use Only
Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Aloe, Glycerin, Alum, Essential/Fragrance Oils
Handmade In Arizona, USA

4.8 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Charles T. from Pennsylvania on May 28, 2016
The search is over! I finally found the BEST Bay Rum! It has a great scent (love that it doesn't have clove in it), with great face feel, with a cooling effect but not burning, and most of all that the scent has longevity!! Anyone who enjoys Bay Rum and wants the one that has all these features should definitely purchase this one. I will be purchasing again, but I think this bottle will last for quite awhile. Thanks Doug and Fran for another great product! Keep up the good work.
Michael from San Francisco, CA on Apr 19, 2016
Now you have to remember, reviews are subjective. I may not be a fan of the bay rum scent but though I would give it a shot. After comparing this to another Bay Rum, I can definitely tell it is a step above but with that in mind the scent is a bit spicy for my taste. If you enjoy Bay Rum, then you probably will really enjoy this one. If you're trying to explore the smell I would probably recommend a cheaper version to understand the bouquet before purchasing this, this is for the Bay Rum enthusiasts.
G from South Texas on Jul 01, 2015
This was my very first buy from this website, based in no small part to the attached video! Always on the lookout for a good bay rum scent I decided to risk it, one of the fun parts of this hobby is discovering new and exciting scent right?!

The shipping was a bit slow taking about 30 hours to ship out, but they ship priority so all in all 5 days from order date.

Now, I'll be honest, I love Captain Choice Cat O 9 Tails, and I was expecting something similar when I opened the cap. I was let down for sure, I didn't like it, it smelled like old mountain dew or something. I quickly eMailed Customer support. Frances apologized and offered a full refund, I decided to take a few drops for a test before I went through with the return, and I'm so glad I did!

Don't judge this scent by the bottle smell for sure, this stuff opens up to a wonderful spicy bay rum scetn that last 6-8 hours easy! However it's really strong, so what I do is get squirt of Captains Choice Cat o 9 Tails and maybe about 4 drops of this (easy to do with the provided stopper) and now I have the best of both worlds! I love this bay rum spice, and since I only use a few drops at a time, it will last for a VERY long time!

Having really enjoyed this one, I took another gamble at bought The Beach & matching soap... to make a long story short, I know have, 6 different aftershaves with 4 soaps from this company, with plans to buy more! You simply can not find any other vendor with this kind of line up, I mean who makes a scent that smells like a long day at the beach? Added to that, who makes one with such accuracy?! I would easily pay $140 for cologne of this quality.
Ronnie Holbrook from North Carolina on Oct 08, 2014
This is a great as/cologne. It has a slight burn, but for very short time. This stuff leaves your face feeling great all day. The scent stays on all day not heavy enough to be smelled in the next room. I want to try the beach and tombstone. Thanks for a great product.
Dre from Costa Mesa, CA on Sep 04, 2014
Love this aftershave / cologne from HTGAM. You'll feel the burn and sting but dissipates very quickly. Best part is that it's not too spicy and you won't be left feeling like "that cologne guy". If you like Bay Rum then you'll want this one in your collection.
Daniel Fronczak from Parts Unknown on Aug 06, 2014
I freaking love this aftershave. A little goes a long way this stuff. Slap some on in then feel the sting. It starts out a little warm, then before you know it you feel a burn that's like a sexy woman slapping you hard in the face, crushing your jewels, and saying who's your mommy. I loved every second of it too, because I'm freaky like that. Absolutely a great aftershave. Oh BTW, It's has great skin care properties bwhahahahahaha. Buy it, buy it now!! Beware, you'll be addicted to this wonderfully spicey stuff!
edhead35 from Boston on Aug 01, 2014
Great smell. HTGAM is in my top 2 bay rums. It is not intrusive or too spicy. It is perfect in my opinion. This cologne/aftershave is wonderful, has just the right amount of burn, and sticks around and mellows out throughout the day. Another great one by HTGAM.
Mike from Phoenix on Jul 09, 2014
Buy this.

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