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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Astraeus 22mm Shaving Brush | Featuring NEW Micro Super Future Hybrid Synth Knot | Retro Shave Tech!

$19.95 USD

Quality ~ Value ~ Style...a lifestyle.

Meet The Astraeus 22mm Shave Brush, homage to the vintage 1960's Made Rite Lucite 116!

Who doesn't enjoy those classic Lucite shaving brushes? Lord knows I have more than a few in my personal collection, but out of them all it's my Vintage Made Rite 116 that truly captures the imagination! What 1940's Tom n Jerry episodes are to bakelite, 1960's Tom n Jerry episodes are to Lucite. I think psychedelics may have been responsible for both if I'm being honest. One has to admit there is some lava lamp quality to this particular handle, no?

I should also mention it's 22mm! Since we began our Phoenix Series of brushes there have always been requests for a 22mm. The requests were small but in time have begun to grow so we thought we'd throw you fine folks a bone, ahem...a brush! And what a brush it is!

Micro Super Future Hybrid Knot

Some of you would be amazed at how fast synthetic fibers are evolving. With the market and demand for synthetic knots growing, the competition in quality & development will send your head spinning! This is also due to the fact that a lot of big shave giants, like Art of Shaving, are also making the switch to offering only synthetics. This is huge and forcing manufacturers to try and out do each other every other month it seems! Don't panic, we are watching close! That brings us to the Micro Super future!

Besides the visually mesmerizing quality of the handle there's that most mysterious hybrid Micro Super Future knot! Don't confuse this with anything you've seen before, this hybrid is its own special beast made from the latest fiber technology! Super soft, almost gel tipped, punchy with a little less backbone than our other brushes but still some nice push back. Being 22mm it will naturally be less dense which adds some real nuance to the performance when compared to our other short brushes. It really is a sweet piece of shave tech, with a sophisticated futuristic look for certain! Also being smaller in stature than the majority of our other brushes, it travels really well!

Made Rite Shaving Brushes, NYC (Bronx)

Sadly Made Rite, like so many other vintage brush business is no longer with us. Being a small US company there is little history to be found on them. From what I could piece together however they opened their doors in the early 40's and stuck it out till the 1980's (TM expired in 91). Their brushes would compete with all the others from that time; ever ready, erskin, etc...but it wasn't until the 60's that we see them start to stand out from the rest introducing some more bold and experimental lucite handles. The 116 model is the pinnacle of this new playfulness to me; simple, elegant and very zen.

Can You Help Solve A Shave Mystery?

Please reach out with any info on Made Rite that you have! Our reboots are done in an effort to put the pieces back together and flesh out a lot of these lost, ghost businesses of shaving past! Traditional shaving is my passion, but more so is learning about the history of what got us here. So please, let me know if I'm getting some of this wrong or you know even more! Shave On!


Before any of our brushes are released they must pass a simple test aside from quality control and performance, it needs to move me. It has to appeal to something deep inside me that I really can't describe in words, that I should not need to describe in words. It must evoke this same feeling in our customers as well...or what's the point? Quality, Value and Style!

It's A Shave New World!

*LISTING FOR 1 Astraeus Shave Brush

Approx. Specs:

Complete Length: 4.50 (114 mm)

Width at Widest point: 41 mm

Width and Narrowest point: 26.5mm

Weight: 74 grams

Knot: 22mm

Loft Ht: 55mm

Handle Material: Acrylic 

BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free