10 Astra Superior Platinum DE Blade - 2 packs of 5 (10 blades)


$3.65 USD 


A smooth, Sharp and long lasting little blade! 

Another all time favorite of mine! There really is something special about Russian DE Blades, especially Astras...don't let the name fool you, Astra is owned by Gillette! 

Made in Russia

Reviews for 10 Astra Superior Platinum DE Blade - 2 packs of 5 (10 blades)
4.5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Joseph from North Carolina on May 30, 2015
When I first started wet shaving I bought a 100 pack of these off Amazon based on all the good reviews they had. They're decently sharp and smooth. But I still tend to nick myself with these, but not as much as when I use feathers. So far I've used these, Feathers, Personna Blues, Gillette (the green box ones), and Derbys. I would still recommend these to others to at least try. Perhaps they'll work better for you than me.
JB from Los Angeles, CA on Oct 21, 2014
Of all the DE blades that I've used (that includes Feather, Kai, Astra, Bic Chrome Platinum, and Merkur), Astra blades are by far my favorite. There are a couple of reasons for this: from my experience, the Astra blades do not cause razor burns like the more revered Feather or Kai blades, and I get the smoothest (baby smooth), most consistent, and comfortable shaving experience when using them. I experience virtually little to no nicks, cuts or weepers compared to the other brands listed. Using shaving soaps also make a world of a difference to help with razor glide. I highly recommend these.

(I will be testing Wilkinson Sword's and Personna Blue blades soon, but as of this writing, Astra blades are my go-to DE blades for the best shaving experience- hands down.)