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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Epic Annual Clown Fruit & El Fantasma (Naranja) Giveaway!

Scent Profile: Artemisia (Wormwood), Hungarian Oak, Elderflower, Absinthe, Neroli, Amyris, Elderberry, Burnt Sugar, Tobacco Absolute.


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[Note: Sadly, due to current high shipping costs, this is only open to US Residents. Unless, you are willing to cover the shipping costs that is! ;)]

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SHARE DAILY Until Oct 22nd To Increase Your Chances!

The more you share, the greater your odds! Click the icons after you sign up to begin sharing! THEN, share a Creepy Vintage Clown Photo DAILY on at least three of your social media pages; groups, personal page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ETC.

Be mindful of this so as not to be considered a spammer. While the goal is to create awareness that Clown Fruit is Returning for YEAR 6, we don't want to come off as spammy in any way. So respect the rules of individual forums and use common sense when posting. Have fun with this, but not at the expense of others. After all, clowns REALLY freak some folks out! IMPORTANTInclude the hashtag #ClownFruit2021 and your link to the Giveaway a variarion of: (you'll see your custom link on the share page, use that!) The more photos you share, the better your odds! Note: You MUST use the hashtag if it is to be counted as an entry!

Winner Announced Friday 10/22

Where to find Creepy Vintage Clown Photos?

The best place or rather the easiest is on Google Images and Pinterest. But if you do a little digging you may just find some real freaky gems too elsewhere! Also, feel free to grab any of the photos on this page or any others we post! Now, let's get this Clown Fruit Parade Started!

Define Vintage Creepy Clown Photo Doug.

Good call. When I say vintage clown photo I mean a photo that was never meant to be creepy but is simply so by default. THAT, is what Clown Fruit is all about. We have become too obvious in our culture these days. Remember when you'd have to get the joke on TV and it wasn't always explained to the audience? This thought is along those same lines. When we don't allow our imaginations to run away with us we become bland. That said, no modern, intentionally scary clown images please! [This includes certain serial killers. Don't glorify these monsters please.]

Enter Now Below! Remember, the more friends you invite, the greater your chances to win! Revisit this page to see your rank...Good Luck! [Note: Sadly, due to current high shipping costs, this is only open to US Residents.]


One Ultra Premium Formula CK-6 Clown Fruit 2021 Artisan Shave Soap with Limited Edition Holographic Shave Soap Label & One Clown Fruit 2021 Aftershave/Cologne! One Deck of Hotel Cecil Playing Cards!  Lastly, a very special NEW El Fantasma "Naranja" Double Open Comb Slant Razor!

El Fantasma "Naranja"? 

Fans of our Original El Fantasma will LOVE this years version of El Fantasma..."Naranja"!  Also, like the OG Fantasma, It too GLOWS...but Orange(ish)!!!! (honestly you need to see it, it's like a creamsicle white, orangy glow. Totally EPIC and great fun to mix and match with the original!)

Possibly Cursed Playing Cards!

It's true, this deck of badass Hotel Cecil Playing Cards may in fact be cursed. That said they are of most excellent quality (and will more than likely outlive you). Represent on your next game night!

  • 3.70 Oz. Made from coated paper.
  • Card size in( W x H) 2.50" x 3.50"(6.40cm x 8.90cm).
  • The box size(W x H x T) is 2.56" x 3.54" x 0.79".
  • Includes 54 cards in total.

Wishing You Much Luck! NOW, Begin Summoning Clown Fruit!