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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Advent Calendar Giveaway!

(Save This Image & Share to Enter!)

PRIZE: Our Traditional 2023 Advent Calendar! This year's calendar I believe is our best yet! You will not only get some "ghosts of shavemas past", but also "ghosts of shavemas future"! (was that too cryptic?) - In short, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! Each new day will bring you a new shave surprise all the way up to Christmas...A PAA Wet Shaving Tradition! ENTER NOW!


Super Easy Instructions:

1) Each day, for 4 days, November 24th-27th, we will post a new ad here as well as on our social media accounts. Your mission is to Save it as an Image and then share on your own social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Etc.

[Or Share This Youtube Ad Too For An Even Greater Chance!]


2) Very Important: You need to use the hashtag #PhoenixShavingBlackFriday2023 . This is VERY Important. If you forget to add this crucial part, we will not be able to find your post to verify it...and all is for naught. (a "silent naught" if you will. sorry...). ALSO You Must Add: This Is A Link To The Giveaway!

Copy and Paste this with the ad if there is any doubt: 
#PhoenixShavingBlackFridayGiveaway #PhoenixShaving #ShopSmall
(Or, Save This Image & Share to Enter! Return For New Ad Each Day!)

3) NEXT, Sign Up for the Giveaway using the FORM BELOW with your email for that is how we will contact the winner! Note: This is also a crucial step, otherwise we'll need to choose another winner. You only need to sign up once!

4) Remember, You MUST share one of our new ads each day, at least one
...and That's It Shave Cadets!

[Note: Sadly, due to current high shipping costs, this is only open to US Residents. Unless, you are willing to cover the shipping costs that is! ;)]

*Subscribe to our Instagram (phoenix_shaving), POST (Phoenix_Shaving) or Facebook page if you are not and findy new, daily Black Friday-Cyber Monday Ads there! Note: You MUST use the hashtag if your post is to be counted as an entry. You Rock! 

Thank You For Your Support & Have A Very, Merry Shavemas
from all of us here at Phoenix Shaving!