Aluminum Wet Shaving Die - 5 Colors to Choose From

$2.95 USD
This is one of those "for those in the know" or "if you have to ask..." type wet shaving items. :)

For the noob or old hat who missed this trick and has stumbled upon this page let me tell you what you are looking at, a metal die. But not just any old metal die, this one is especially sold for wet shaving! How? Why? You may be asking and rightly so...I was once like you, relying on my memory to tell me how many times I had used a DE Blade in my razor. 4, 5 times was it....ugh. Then someone turned me onto the dice trick!

Simply keep this metal die on your shave station and rotate it with every shave facing you on the number of shaves you are currently at on any one blade, and never question yourself again. Obviously you can use any dice for this I just thought these were fun and thought I would offer them to "The People". Shave On Folks!

10 grams

1 Aluminum Die