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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

ShaveRite 210 Aluminus 24mm or 26mm Brush Handle! | Solid Clear Anodized Aluminum Handle | Satin Finish

Original price $59.95 USD
Current price $39.95 USD

[NOTE: Ferrules (24 & 26mm) Fit The Same Handle.] 

Meet The ShaveRite 210!

BOOM!!! The timing just seemed ripe to give our extremely popular, solid aluminum Switchback 400 a *baby brother, Introducing The ShaveRite 210!

*Baby Huey

24 Grams Heavier Than The Switchback 400!

Just like the Switchback 400 we also made the knots removable with a twist! *This makes the brush modular so that you may switch out any knot you have mounted in an extra ferrule! [That's right, you can pick up extra ferrules also!]

BUT, we also decided to expand upon this modular concept and made the knots (ferrules or collars) interchangeable with The Switchback 400 handle too!!! Thus adding even more options to the Aluminus Series! Mix and match handles and knots till the cows come home! (Where did those cows go anyhow?)

Also like the Switchback 400, The ShaveRite 210 is inspired by a vintage brush popular in the 1920's by a French company named may have heard of them?

Unlike the Switchback 400 however, The ShaveRite 210 is not an exact replica. As you can see we took some liberties. We kept that same sexy shape just made it a little taller and a lot more heavier! The weight and handle shape feel real natural and comfortable in the hand. A really solid handle that makes whipping up a lather an ergonomic pleasure. [Can I say that?]

These handles will be sold without knots making them more customizable for the consumer.  They will take a 24mm or 26mm knot. [See video on how to mount a knot below] Red O-Ring Included.

With care this handle will last generations!




The Specs:

Listing for 1 ShaveRite 210 Handle (Includes one Ferrule). Knot (brush) not included.

Approx. Specifications: Weight of Handle with Collar: | 123 grams (4.33oz)

Width at widest point: 35mm

Width at thinnest point: 21mm

Length of Handle with Collar: 8 centimeters (3.14")

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Finish: Clear Anodized

Method of Manufacture: CNC Lathe Turned Handle


30 day money back guarantee in unused, undamaged condition.  If you load a knot into the collar we cannot take a return.