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Chocolate Bourbon Aftershave Cologne

$24.95 USD

This is a classic, long lasting, 100 Ml, Cologne/Aftershave w/ a splash of *barrel aged bourbon, silky chocolate, and hints of oak barrel blended into the mix.

*I took a tip from my Master Brewer friend Aaron and added some Toasted American Oakwood Cubes to the aftershave as it matured over the weeks and man what an aromatic splash did happen! Traditionally Bourbon is fermented in Oak Barrel casks and over the years brewers have found more economical ways to create that same effect by using toasted oakwood chips or cubes. Since traditional perfuming and brewing have some similarities Aaron thought he'd share this idea with me...brilliant! 

Find The Entire Chocolate Bourbon Line ===> HERE


I originally "matured" or steeped the oak in alcohol to see if there really was something to his theory and after a week I was a believer! A sweet, chocolate, vanilla, woody, tonka, almost grape type swirl of scent escaped the jar as I opened it. 

The scent is rather decadent and now more intoxicating than ever! Big props to brewmaster Aaron!

Our Chocolate Bourbon AS also contains our now famous blend of menthol and alum. The feel post shave is magical.  

3.5 oz Amber Apothecary Bottle, External Use Only

Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Essential/Fragrance Oils, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Menthol

Handmade In Arizona, USA

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