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Atmotic Travel Aftershave/Cologne - 1 Ounce

$6.95 USD

Well, The demand to make Atmotic Aftershave/Cologne available to all was too much...Booyah!

What is Atmotic?

This stuff is really magical and simply evokes the spirit of travel for me; Aged Oak, Dogwood, Patchouli and Ginger! Imagine a floating barbershop set up in the basket of an ancient airship or dirigible and you will understand this scent immediately! It really transports you I can assure you & preps you mentally for the day ahead!

Pair with Atmotic Travel Soap, ONLY Available with our Shatterproof Travel Scuttle Click HERE!

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1 Oz Amber Apothecary Bottle

Bakelite Cap & Orifice Reducer 

Aftershave Ingredients: Alcohol, Yarrow Hydrosol Essential/Fragrance Oils Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Carrot Seed Extract 

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