Zorrik Super Platinum DE Blades - 10 Pack

$3.68 USD

This blade is awesome, "Sputtered Blade Technology" and all! 

I think it's rather ironic that we chase that perfect shave, looking for that perfect blade as if a magic, cure all pill...and the packaging looks like a medication! As with all things wet shaving, Your Mileage May Vary but these babies are in my weekly rotation now.

Zorrik Blades come out of the same factory as Super-Max and there is definitely a family resemblance. My top blades are typically Feather, Bolzano, Elios, Astra, Voskhod and now enter Zorrik, if that gives you an idea. 

Lasted me 5 smooth, damn fine shaves and I probably could have gotten one more out of it! Sharp as a Feather with no noticeable blade "chatter". Definitely a blade to have in your den. 

Looking for a new blade? Give these Platinum Coated babies a whirl!

Made In India