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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

Platinum Strangelet Super Sharps Double Edge Blades | Pack of 5 Blades

$1.95 USD

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strange·let (strānj′lĭt) n. 1) A hypothetical particle or small body of strange matter. 2) A most EPIC Double Edge Safety Razor Blade, both sharp and smooth.

Meet The Platinum Strangelet Super Sharp, our New DE Blade! (Finally!)

This double edge blade has been a long time coming, that's for dang sure. I remember originally toying around with the idea back in 2014! Aside from doing the initial footwork in seeking out the right manufacturer, I also developed a few package designs. Exciting times for sure, but alas, it just wasn't feasible at that time. (And honestly, nor were we as knowledgeable to really offer anything so different). 

Fast forward to February 2020 and we found ourselves back at it once more! 

By this time we had grown in size and output, so much so that we were finally realizing goals we set back in 2012 for ourselves, the fruit of almost 10 years of nonstop hard work. I mean, we have pretty much done it all, even put together a very popular and successful starter kit. But one thing was missing, our own DE blade! We are both really excited to announce that finally our customers can have a true, total Phoenix Shaving experience NOW!

The Stranglet Super Sharp is more than just your run of the mill, rebranded blade. By this I mean, we actually had some input on what type of steel and feel we wanted. That said, I recruited a few of my favorite testers to give their much needed feedback along the way, from industry known influencers to relatively newbie shavers. This was done much in the same way we tested our first shave soap so many years back. We had to get the thumbs up from everyone before we put in the order. And that's just what we did!

A Japanese, Russian and Swede Walk into a bar

Being that shaving is a truly a subjective task and everyone's preferences are all over the place, I can only really describe my end of the testing phase and my personal aim/goal. Many of you know by now I am a huge Feather and Voskhod fan. Both are wildly different in feel and performance, but for some reason or another, work rather well for me...if only I could get the two to make a baby together, but they didn't even share a common language (Japanese & Russian). Well, playing less of a Cupid role and more of an approach rooted in reality, we did the next best thing!

I should note, I also took everyone else's feedback back to the manufacturer too, making changes as time went by. Truly an arduous and time consuming process, but heck, we already waited this long.  As much as Covid sucks, I feel like this downtime actually had quite a hand in the maker being so open to work with us and humor me with tweaks and suggestions often bordering more on the mystical than mechanical. I mean, is it that odd to suggest they wait till a full moon to begin the process? So, there is a silver...or maybe platinum (?) lining in the current plague after all.

After much pushing and pulling we ended up with a high quality razor blade that is both sharp, smooth and double coated with Platinum & PTFE. I credit the strength and versatility of the blade to the Swedish Steel we finally settled on while the dual coating ensures durability, lower friction and drag reduction over multiple uses. Thus making our Stranglet Super Sharps Super Smooth and consistent!

I really believe we nailed it and I think many of you will agree! Now, get out there and make that next shave truly, All Phoenix Shaving!

Listing for 100 DE Blades
Manufactured in China, Made From Imported Swedish Steel
[Note: If there were actually more than just one Blade Manufacturer in the USA and was willing to work closely with a small US artisan we would have gleefully went that route.]