All Natural Galactic Agave Exfoliating Soap Satchel

$2.95 USD

Extend the life of your Phoenix Shaving body soap bars with this most epic, exfoliating soap sack! Created from natural agave fiber, this pouch allows you to use up every last scrap of soap. In fact, I myself throw all my mixed soap ends in one and viola; Save soap, save money. WIN!

Not only do these bad boys help produce an extra sudsy lather but also gently exfoliate your face or body. Use it in your shower and hang it to allow proper drainage of your body soap. They also make great travel pouches too!

Great For Your Skin & Great For The Planet!

You read right, when this baby has reached its end, the bag can be composted too!

Being a natural material, the bag needs to remain dry between uses in order to extend its life. Replace bag every 4-6 months or sanitize by washing in the washing machine, dipping in vinegar or boiling water. [I have kept mine alive by throwing it in with the wash with the rest of my clothes. I then hang to dry.]

Soap not included.