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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Atomic Atomizer | Fits NEW STYLE 100ml Phoenix Shaving Bottles | Available in 7 Colors!

$9.95 USD

*The Atomizers Listed Here will ONLY fit the NEW STYLE 100ml Phoenix Aftershave Cologne Bottles (WITH plastic orifice reducer). Please Look at Photo Carefully. 

Find Atomizers for our OLD STYLE Bottles Here!

Get more mileage out of your Phoenix Shaving colognes and aftershaves, Light years! 

Boom! Our latest upgrade for our Aftershave/Cologne Bottles! Our Atomic Atomizers will fit all of our new style 100Ml bottles perfectly! These will help extend the life of your favorite splashes (You're welcome)

What is an Atomizer?

Aftershave & Cologne atomizers make the application of modern splashes convenient and easy. Reducing mess and waste, they provide a light mist of fragrance to be applied exactly where you want it. 

The atomizer is essentially a bulb syringe attached to plastic tubing that runs inside the perfume bottle. The atomizer delicately blends oxygen and cologne [or aftershave], creating a fine mist, which is evenly distributed onto the skin or into the air. 

However I must warn you, once you start using an atomizer, it's tough to go back to the slap I promise!!!! Shave On!

Directions:  Gently remove the Plastic Reducer from  the bottle opening.  This can be done using your fingers or a butter knife, or other object with a blunt, thin edge that can pry the plastic orifice reducer out. 

Once the reducer is removed, make sure to store the black cap and plastic reducer in a safe place.  Next, secure the atomizer to the bottle and tighten so it is snug. 

For long term storage, remove the atomizer from the bottle and replace the plastic reducer in the bottle opening & secure the black cap back on the bottle. 

NOTE: DO NOT keep Atomic Atomizer on bottle for long term storage.