The Switchback 400 - Classic Replica 24mm Dura/Suave Synthetic Shave Brush-Introductory Price

Crown King

$49.95 USD 


We are very excited to offer such a throwback style brush, The Switchback 400 ! Unlike that particular brush of yesteryear the Switchback is based on this baby is die cast! This gives the handle more weight than the original design, something a lot of modern shavers seem to enjoy. We release this serious replica with the same idea we had in mind when we released The Phoenix DOC, reproduce a hard to find in the wild classic at a more than affordable price for all!

Two Knots Are Better Than One!

Included is our Teddy Bear Hair DURO and Suave Synthetic Knots so you may customize the brush to your shave, be it in feel or depending on the soap you use. These are two of the most sought after synthetic knots currently out there and you get them both...for the cost of!

The DURO Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot has more back bone than it's cousin, the Suave. It's a tad punchier and rather than a synthetic version of a Badger, this would be the synthetic version of a Boar.

The Suave Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot will be reminiscent of a certain other brush on the market currently but quite denser, larger, and more tightly packed, plus set deeper to provide more back bone.

Have your own knot of choice? Then pick up a "Blank" to mount your own!

Care & Maintenance: I recommend lightly oiling the threads with mineral oil before use. Clean with hot soapy water and dry with a paper towel or lint free cloth. When switching knots be sure to unscrew holding the metal collar, not by the synthetic knot. This can damage your brush.

Proudly Assembled in Arizona, USA

24mm "Teddy Bear Hair" Duro Synthetic Knot and 24mm Suave Knot

Loft: 60mm

wt w/ Suave Knot: 114 grams

wt w/ Duro Knot: 118 grams

Handle wt: 72 grams

Total Wt. 162 grams

Ht: 5.5"

Zinc Alloy/Rustic/Antique Style Chrome Plating 

5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Dino from Grafenwoehr, Germany on Jul 09, 2016
This truly is a fantastic product. The handle design (and weight) is a stellar combination. Sadly for me, I dropped it within seconds of receiving the product, but it is well made as there were no damages. The second knot is a plus too. By far my favorite synthetic in my shave den!
Bill Grassi from Bakersfield CA on Apr 10, 2016
Great brush, my first synthetic and I would have got one sooner if I had known how well they perform or let me say how well this one performs. I love the weight, feel and looks of this brush. It whips up lather very nicely from soap or creams and feels so good on the face. The second knot that is inclueded is nice too.

I give this shave brush two thumbs up.

Happy Shaves,
Bill G