• The Spindle Suave Tali Wood Shaving Brush - 26 mm (Early American Stain) - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - 1
  • Shaving Brush - The Spindle Suave Tali Wood Shaving Brush - 26 Mm (Early American Stain)

The Spindle Suave Tali Wood Shaving Brush - 26 mm (Early American Stain)

$24.95 USD $13.72 USD

Spindle furniture has been popular since the 17th century and many a favorite design to the collector of Americana Antiques. Being a huge fan of the style myself I thought the visual aesthetic could lend itself to my next handle design...and it did. Not to shabby a piece and very handsome to behold. Feels ergonomic almost in hand. You will love adding this piece that could easily be confused as an antique, to your collection!

Beautiful, exotic, solid wood, colonial style handle and one of the best synth knots currently available at a great price...win, win, win! 

The Spindle is an absolute daisy of a brush. Perfect for the newbie and the old hand alike. If you are a fan of synth brushes or have yet to try one this is the one for you! The Early American Wood Stain used is similar to a classic dark walnut stain. A very classic, colonial looking shaving brush with a modern twist!

The Suave Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot will be reminiscent of a certain other brush on the market currently but quite denser, larger, and more tightly packed. 

Facts on Tali Wood:

Tali is a favorite of tropical hardwood enthusiasts virtually everywhere cricket is played across the old empire, for that is what the paddle is historically made from outside of England. 

Tali has a rich, warm hue across the red and brown color spectrum. Native to Africa, it's a very hard grain, typically tight. It is also among the least likely of woods to suffer a bout with mold or mildew. Thus making it perfect for a shaving brush handle.

I have taken the time cherry picking the best knots and handles for The Crown King Line and though this is our "budget" brush I didn't cut any corners! The Tali Long Rider should last for years to come. 


Wt: 62 Grams (220oz)

ht: 118 mm

Knot: 26mm

Loft: 55mm

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