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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Quantum Razor Prototype | Only 10 Available | Limited Unobtanium, RARE

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$89.00 USD

SADLY These Sold Out in under 10 minutes. 

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That's right people, this bad boy could be yours, The Quantum Razor! Solid Stainless Steel Design with 2 different heat keeping copper base plates! [My advice, read this page after you buy it, it's gonna go fast! You have been warned.]

This is a project we have been working on for sometime now and have had a few short  runs of prototypes made to test. This is the last of them and rather than keep them all for ourselves, we thought what could be more inline with the spirit of the holiday season than to offer them to the folks that got us here...You!

The Quantum Safety Razor?

One of our most EPIC homages to date, a tribute to The Vtg Eclipse Red Ring! Collectors will immediately know what I am referring to. This original design was created by James Neil & Co of Composite Steel Works of Sheffield, England or "Steel City"! Released in the mid 30's it had a good 20 year run before disappearing into obscurity, as all badass razor are wont to do.

An Open Comb Straight Bar?

Kinda. It certainly is a unique, art deco design bringing with it a lot of innovations, including a magnet on the handle to pick up blades with. Yep, they did it first folks, it's not a new idea!

Note: We did not add the magnet to ours. Instead, we combined it with our ever popular Flare Tip! Another homage in it's own right, to the handle of the Gillatte "Red Tip". It really just seemed like it was meant to be; The Red Ring meets The Red Tip! What can I say, I like to blend things.

Add A Little Zing to that Red Ring!

Meaning, add one of our colored Flare Tips to the handle! Choose your favorite color or colors from the drop down menu!

NOTE: Keep in mind these are prototypes, so there may be tiny, VERY tiny, cosmetic imperfections but they are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye or a fella without twitching ocd. Again, these are a piece of Phoenix history embrace them!