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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75 ~ Flat Rate Shipping (USA) ~ Military & Veteran Discount

The Phoenix Starling V3 Single Edge Safety Razor | Polished 316L Stainless Steel

Sold out
$99.95 USD

 Sorry Folks, The Starling V3 managed to sell out faster than we had expected! But fear not, more are on order!

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"Ok Douglas Smythe first off thank you.  This razor is a beast,  3 days of growth... first gem ever, almost bbs in one pass. Wow. I don't even want my DEs now lol!Mark Beresford II

It gives us great pleasure to finally release The All Stainless Starling V3 SE!  We've kept the same blueprint for our Modern GEM Type Razor but we've further refined the design and now offer it in Polished 316L Stainless Steel!  

The V3 is HERE! 

"That was & will remain my favorite was actually hard to shave because I was smiling the entire time!" ~ Marty Pape (tester)

Holy cow, did that take even longer to accomplish than the V2!  

And....without further adieu....what's new?

  • New Material: The V3 is a polished, all 316L Stainless Steel CNC Machined Razor.  This means that it is a heavyweight compared to the aluminum version so it will have a very different weight and feel than the aluminum starling.  This razor comes in at 131 grams (4.62 ounces) when fully assembled with either plate.  A note on the machine marks.  You will notice little circular machine marks on the bottom plates.  We thought these marks emulated soap bubbles, which seemed fitting and gave a nice texture and effect, making these razors even more unique.  
  • Updated Design: For the V3 we have tweaked the geometry a bit and removed the nubs on the ends of the bottom plates.  The angle of the head is slightly different in an effort to provide a closer, more efficient shave that is not overly aggressive.  
  • Removable Flare Tip Handle:  This version of The Starling Razor comes with our Flare Tip handle.  Now you can customize the look of your razor with any of our colored Flare OR Bomb tips.  You can find the Colored Flare Tips HERE, and the Colored Bomb Tips HERE!

[Find Blades HERE!]

What's in a name? (Original sales page, may sound dated in 2023)

There is a duality to this as with most Phoenix Product names. Clearly calling this razor the Starling keeps it inline with our Space Age theme; Starling, Star Child, Star man, Starcraft, etc...but also it is an homage to all the other Bird named razors out there! Lol, am I the only one to notice this odd trend? Soooo, in order to play by this unwritten rule and my own theme, you get The Starling...BOOM! 


Instructions For SE Newbs: The Phoenix Starling SE is a 3-Piece GEM Type, Single Edge Safety Razor, not to be confused for it’s more Forgiving cousin, The Double Edge Safety Razor. Please pay close attention when shaving with The Starling for the first few times. Expect a slight learning curve if this is your first time shaving with a GEM Type, single edge razor. Imagine it as a Straight Razor on a stick, as Damon of Old Town Shaving once described it as. Seriously though, take it slow and learn the technique or she will bit you.

One major difference you will notice with The Starling is the stiffness in the handling. This is due to the dramatic fixed angle of the head and the difference in thickness of the single edge blade versus the thinner, more flexible, double edge blade.

You will also want to experiment with different blade brands and find the one that works best with your own unique face in combination with which base plate you choose.

We include 2 base plates in an effort to give the user more control over the feel and performance of the razor. Give yourself a few slow shaves to get a real knack for her and she will reward you 10 fold! Note: Be sure to remove and dry the blade after each use to extend the life of the edge. The Starling is no joke but truly worth the effort to master!


Top Cap Weight: 23 grams

Bottom Plate, Open Comb: 28 Grams

Bottom Plate, Straight Bar: 28 Grams

Handle Weight: 79 grams

Handle Length: 3.50 inches

Total Weight w/ Plate "A": 38 Grams (Total Wt w/ Beta Plate: 39 Grams)

Material: 316L Polished Stainless Steel

Method of Manufacture: CNC Billet Machined Head, CNC Lathe Turned Handle