Safety Razors - The Original HTGAM Purple Tip Safety Razor Handle - Gunkote
  • Safety Razors - The Original HTGAM Purple Tip Safety Razor Handle - Gunkote

The Original HTGAM Purple Tip Safety Razor Handle - Gunkote

$22.95 USD

[Select From Drop Down; Just Handle or Complete Symmetry Razor]

Whoah baby, it's back by extreme demand, The HTGAM Purple Tip! Branded with the Original HTGAM Logo and finished in purple Gunkote by Delta Echo! This handle will fit any standard razor head (1032 post) but especially the Symmetry!

That said, you may choose just the handle or a complete Symmetry Safety Razor; Open Comb or Straight Bar.

Balance and grippy barber pole knurling, everything the Original Purple Tips were known for! Now is your chance to go back in time and pick up this classic handle, limited quantities at this time so don't miss out! 

Handle length: 3.5  88.9mm - Wt: 62 grams

Complete Razor Length: 3.75" - Wt 84 grams

Material: Brass & Chrome Plated, Purple Gunkote Tip

4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Frank V from Oak Harbor WA on Jun 24, 2017
I love this handle! The knurling is so nice as it has plenty of grip on it. The weight of this handle is a bit more then the one you get with the symmetry but it's still well balanced with the symmetry head. I use this with the symmetry or my R41 heads and it's very nice. Absolutely one of my favorites!
Response from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
Jun 29, 2017
Thanks Frank! But just a heads up on the weight. This is the same exact handle you get with the Symmetry. Only difference is the Purple Tip! :)
Daniel Hutchings from Oswego, NY on Jun 09, 2017
This handle is the one! The knurling around the handle feels so comfortable in the hand and provides a great grip while shaving. The weight is hefty feeling for this size razor. All together this makes for a great feeling razor while shaving. It's my go to razor now!
Blake M Hulsey from Georgia on Mar 01, 2017
I'm so glad I was able to purchase this handle! When I bought my Symmetry Open comb years back, the purple end handles had just been discontinued. But something told me a few months back to get on the website and they were available, there was no hesitation!! I don't know why but for some reason it just makes the beautiful Symmetry Open comb head even more beautiful! Worth every penny!! You have a customer for life!

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