• The Official Shavette World Shavette - Matte Black - New Logo
  • The Official Shavette World Shavette - Matte Black - New Logo
  • The Official Shavette World Shavette - Matte Black - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - 1

The Official Shavette World Shavette - Matte Black - New Logo

$12.95 USD

Introducing The Official Shavette World Shavette (is that redundant?)!!!! 

First off, a big THANK YOU to Ronnie Greher for creating a truly unique group within the shave world! As far as I know this is the first shavette group to come to be...about time.

Lots of us have a shavette in our den, nifty little things we may have bought out of curiosity or to put us into the green for free shipping. Or maybe we thought it would be a shortcut to learning how to use a straight razor. Boy were we wrong. 

A shavette is really it's own unique shave tool. It takes practice, dedication and a straight up willingness to learn. In short, many own a shavette, few use them. Shavettes really came out of the barbershop school, it was originally invented for detail work and shaping, a "finishing tool". It could have just ended there...but it didn't.

It's clear the tides are turning, and more and more Shavettes are taking center stage in SOTDs, partly thanks to Ronnie and the rest of the folks that make Shavette World truly cutting edge, and refreshing. Bravo to you guys!

So with all this in mind, I dedicate this quirky, unique shavette I concocted for Shavette World! I created the prototype with different shavette scraps and pieces I had collected in my shop. Different than all other shavettes, the tightness of the tang is adjustable to fit your own shave grip preference. Oddly enough, Robby The Robot, of Lost In Space fame, was my inspiration for this little number. I can hear you all now, "Doug is officially crazy!" and maybe there's some truth to that but in this case there is a method to my madness.

The story behind the seemingly unrelated homage comes from the first time I tried to catch a shave with a shavette! I was in college and my mother gifted me her Made In Italy Shavette. She was a hair stylist back in the 50's till the 80's and I was always fascinated by her kit. The shavette was chrome and had a slide on comb which I thought was the coolest feature.

This is long before I was hip to all things wet shaving and I had zero understanding of the skill and finesse a barbers shavette took, but I was willing to give it a go. It took special blades and a local barber told me to check out Sally's. Sally's? Lol, my first time in Sally's too...to think I still pop in there now and again, but I digress.

I picked up the long blades and rushed back to my apartment. My housemates were there when I got home, with a case of beer. A cold one was immediately put into my hand before greetings and fist bumps were exchanged. I popped it open and pounded it. Then I whipped out my Shavette.

Come to think of it I may have been calling it a Straight Razor at that time? Regardless, the guys were fascinated and passed it around. When show and tell was over I loaded a blade and headed to the bathroom. I was now 3 beers in and amped! That's when the drunken college boy chant began, "Danger, Danger Will Robinson..."

Down the hall way to the bathroom all the guys flailed their arms robotically and repeated this mantra. It was like a digital conga line of stupid. Needless to say I was less excited to jump right in with my peanut gallery audience...but I did. A can of Barbasol and zero face prep later, I was ready...

Whoa nilly, how the blood did flow. My angle was all wrong and I nicked my ear lobe pretty good while trying to shave my sideburns. After the initial silence of shock and awe, beer and laughter exploded...and the chant began again. That day I turned everyone off to the concept of shaving with anything but a cartridge razor. 

It took a long time after that for me not to hear in the back of my mind that goofy robot voiced mantra every time I saw a shavette!

"Danger, Danger Will Robinson..."

Thanks guys for being part of a group that breathes new life and interest into such a cool piece of history and taking time to give it relevance again! Shave On!

70 Grams

Adjustable Tang Knob




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