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The IBIS Classic Shavette - Matte Black

$10.95 USD

Meet The IBIS; sleek, slim with a solid feel, grippy in all the right places and the perfect weight! Takes a standard 1/2 DE Blade or Shavette Blade and man can she shave! Then there's the price!

With all the razors on the market these days named after birds we thought...why not? But like most things in the PAA Universe there needs to be a healthy dose of intrigue, mystery, history and humor. So I approached this with WWHD in mind...What Would Hitchcock Do. I think that Alfred would be very pleased with the aesthetics of our little razor and it's throwback feel!  

The Shavette was a favorite among old time barbers, a finishing tool second to none! The Shavette is a hybrid, a love child of the safety razor and the straight razor. The blades, much like a safety razor, can be changed when dull...unlike the permanent edge of a straight razor that needs to be stropped and honed to maintain sharpness.

A Shavette is a great tool for both shaving and shaping facial hair, your stache or goatee will never look more symmetrical! The IBIS Shavette has great balance and a nice weight to it (60 grams), it's all metal and very durable.  You can snap your favorite DE Blades in half lengthwise and use them as your blade in the shavette or Find Shavette Blades HERE!

Perfect For Travel!


60 Grams


5.25" Closed


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