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The Bullet Travel Shave Brush - Suave 22mm Synthetic

$24.95 USD

Finally a handsome, heavy duty, road worthy synthetic travel brush, The Bullet! The 22mm Suave knot is one of the top synthetics currently on the market, tightly packed, real feel and fast drying...super fast drying.

Fast Drying

That is the key selling point, at least for me, in a travel brush being always on the run! Another great thing about a synth travel brush is you don't even need to let it dry completely! Just shave it off, collapse it back into the tube, toss it in your kit and you're good to go! The fibers being synthetic will never rot, become mildewey or take on that "gamey" odor typical in animal hair travel brushes not allowed to dry.

This brush will bring you many years of travel and adventure!

Nothing goes better with a Travel Brush like a Travel Artisan Soap Shave Stick HERE and a Travel Aftershave Atomizer HERE! Great for the Gym Bag!

Proudly Assembled in Arizona, USA


Wt: 5.1 oz (144 g)

Length Collapsed: 3.5"

Full Size: 6"

22mm Knot

loft: 57.15

Brass, Chrome Plated and Polished

5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Jason J. from Twin Cities on Dec 31, 2015
I am simply speechless at the quality of this brush. I truly believe you could fend off a mugging by a terminator with this bit of kit. For $25 I was expecting the typical light gauge metal, or even chrome plated plastic. This is legitimate metal and a well thought out design that should last years on the road. Another quality piece of hardware from Phoenix, there is a reason why I am becoming a bit of a fanboy. Well done Douglas.

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