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  • Shaving Brush - Tali Long Rider Suave Shaving Brush - 26mm (Ipswich Pine Stain)

Tali Long Rider Suave Shaving Brush - 26mm (Ipswich Pine Stain)

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A beautiful, exotic, solid wood, colonial style handle and one of the best synth knots currently available at a great price...win, win, win!

The Tali Long Rider is an absolutely daisy of a brush. Perfect for the newbie and the old hand alike. If you are a fan of synth brushes or have yet to try one this is the one for you! The Ipswich Wood Stain used is similar to a classic blonde stain. A very classic, colonial looking shaving brush with a modern twist!

The Suave Synthetic Teddy Bear Hair knot will be reminiscent of a certain other brush on the market currently but quite denser, larger, and more tightly packed.

Facts on Tali Wood:

Tali is a favorite of tropical hardwood enthusiasts virtually everywhere cricket is played across the old empire, for that is what the paddle is historically made from outside of England. 

Tali has a rich, warm hue across the red and brown color spectrum. Native to Africa, it's a very hard grain, typically tight. It is also among the least likely of woods to suffer a bout with mold or mildew. Thus making it perfect for a shaving brush handle.

I have taken the time cherry picking the best knots and handles for The Crown King Line and though this is our "budget" brush I didn't cut any corners! The Tali Long Rider should last for years to come.

Proudly Assembled in Arizona, USA


Wt: 54g

ht: 116mm

Knot: 26mm

Loft: 60mm

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