Strange Island Aftershave & Cologne -SAGE, LAVENDER, COPAIBA BALSAM - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • Strange Island Aftershave & Cologne -SAGE, LAVENDER, COPAIBA BALSAM - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Strange Island Aftershave & Cologne -SAGE, LAVENDER, COPAIBA BALSAM

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[Notice: Contains Alcohol, Only Shipped Within The USA (lower 48), no International or Military Addresses]

*Part 2 in Our AGHARTA Trilogy

February 7 1947

Expedition Log

0910 HRS - For the last week we have made our way through a system of underground caves, seemingly spanning across the globe. Our compass has spun itself useless. Running low on supplies and down to our last carbide lamp...but such things we've seen in this dim otherworld lead us to question the very nature of reality, yet we keep these creeping thoughts to ourselves, we are men of action and resource, not philosophers.

1030 HRS - Appears to be sunlight up ahead. Temperature has noticeably risen in cavern. [entered while walking]

1045 HRS - We have discovered a small lagoon separating us from the outside world, an almost circular opening in the cavern ceiling! It was decided that Lieutenant Commander Thompson, an excellent swimmer and rock climber, be the first to swim across, scale the wall, set pitons, ropes and scout out the surface.

1135 HRS - We find ourselves back on the surface, sun as bright as ever and burning our eyes. Can it be we are on an island? The sun seems to glitter and shimmer on what appears to be the ocean that surrounds us...such strange devices and flora inhabit this place. Lieutenant Commander Thompson has taken a team of 4 men and set out to verify if we are on an island or a peninsula. The rest of us, tired and exhausted, work to set up a temporary camp. There is a strange, alluring scent, a scent that pulls us in, distracts us from our duties...my gut tells me we are not alone. 

~Admiral Richard B. Byrd

The electric, infectious bouquet of Strange Island will activate your palate like never before; lively, sensual, adventure slightly outside your comfort zone, curious and stimulating. Sage: Clary & White Sage, White Spike Lavender, Brazilian Copaiba Balsam; a warm honey like essence. Rich and pleasant, anchoring the scent blend together. 

Top Notes

Bergamot, Sage, Hedione

Mid Notes

Lavender, White Musk

Base Notes

Clary Sage, Copiaba Balsam, Hay Absolute

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This magical scent blend is created with pure essential oils, Natural Plant Derived Fragrance Oil and Absolutes. Zero synthetics. As with all Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Aftershave/Colognes you will find nothing but the best face saving ingredients in this bottle: Lavender Hydrosol, White Sage Hydrosol, Glycerin, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera and Alum!

*High Jump 47 Part One in AGHARTA Trilogy

3.5 oz Classic Glass Flask

Ingredients: Alcohol, Lavender Hydrosol, White Sage Hydrosol,Essential & Natural Fragrance Oils Glycerin, Hedione, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera, Alum, Hay Absolute

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