Scentsless & MENTHOL FREE - Honey, Aloe & Cider Vinegar Pre-Shave Soap & Lather Booster

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

$4.99 USD 


Finally a Scentless and Menthol Free Preshave Soap From PAA! Zero Scent, Zero Tingle!!!! Just Slip, Slick and Smooth!

Designed to clean and prepare the face before the shave without over-cleansing or drying while at the same time giving a noticeable lather boost adjustment to your shaving soap of choice (think ARKO)!  This unique pre-shave soap is sure to be your daily pre-shave driver! 

*Please note there may be some specks on the soap or darker lines of material that you see.  This is a normal component of the natural Apple Cider Vinegar that we use and is perfectly normal.

Size: 4 oz.

Handcrafted in USA

In Biodegradable Wrapper!

Contains Honey - NOT VEGAN

Instructions: Use pre-shave soap to clean area to be shaved thoroughly then rinse. Next, before applying shaving soap or cream, rub Pre-Shave Soap bar against the grain of your stubble. This will raise the hairs and provide a slick undercoating to your shave soap of choice as well as aid in boosting lather.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera, Oil Elaeis Guineensis Oil, Glycerine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Purified Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, acetic acid (Cider Vinegar), Honey, Hydrolyzed Oats

Reviews for Scentsless & MENTHOL FREE - Honey, Aloe & Cider Vinegar Pre-Shave Soap & Lather Booster
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
ReidyBo from United States on Apr 22, 2015
This is simply another outstanding PAA product! Absolutely no scent, it cleanses my face (and body), keeping it moist but not greasy with no residue left behind. Boosts dat latha to the next level while allowing the soap or cream to rise out of the ashes to its true soaptential.

The only unquenched desire? PAA Scentsless shaving soap with all the lovely add ins found in the PAA Sandalwood pre-shave. But let's face it, I'm gonna get that too, so what's there to nitpick?

Nothing. Buy this
Kevin from WI on Apr 07, 2015
Ok, I've been using this product for a few weeks now and have come to love it. Lets look at the advertised uses of this product.
#1 Face Soap....100% YES. The best I've ever used, not drying and no residue left behind.
#2 Pre-Shave Soap and later booster. Absolutely! Now, PAA's soaps don't really need any help in the slickness or lather department. However, if you have issues with razor burn or like to use aggressive or straight razors. I would recommend this product 100%.

I did notice that it does help other soaps that traditionally get a bad rap for slickness and lather. Ever since I started DE shaving, I've had a certain affliction for Col. Conk Bay Rum soap...I don't know why. For me it's always preformed alright and its cheap enough. However, give your face a little coating of this pre-shave soap before you face lather your slightly under-preforming soap and it turns it into a different animal.

Give it a try with any soap or cream in your cabinet and I'm sure you will stock up on it. I know I'm going to be for sure.