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Scentsless Preshave - Unscented - Pre-Shave Soap & Lather Booster

$4.99 USD

Finally a Scentless and Menthol Free Preshave Soap From PAA! Zero Scent, Zero Tingle!!!! Just Slip, Slick and Smooth!

Designed to clean and prepare the face before the shave without over-cleansing or drying while at the same time giving a noticeable lather boost adjustment to your shaving soap of choice (think ARKO)!  This unique pre-shave soap is sure to be your daily pre-shave driver! 

*Please note there may be some specks on the soap or darker lines of material that you see.  This is a normal component of the natural Apple Cider Vinegar that we use and is perfectly normal.

Size: 4 oz.

Handcrafted in USA

In Biodegradable Wrapper!

Contains Honey - NOT VEGAN

Instructions: Use pre-shave soap to clean area to be shaved thoroughly then rinse. Next, before applying shaving soap or cream, rub Pre-Shave Soap bar against the grain of your stubble. This will raise the hairs and provide a slick undercoating to your shave soap of choice as well as aid in boosting lather.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera, Oil Elaeis Guineensis Oil, Glycerine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Purified Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, acetic acid (Cider Vinegar), Honey, Hydrolyzed Oats

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